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New Survey: How Coronavirus is Changing How People Think About Their Personal Finances

Tiller Money has conducted a new survey to investigate how attitudes about personal finances are changing as the coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads across the United States.

The new survey finds that 25 to 30 percent of Americans are rethinking how they save, invest, and track their financial lives because of coronavirus.

Likewise, 32 percent have become more conservative about using their money. And 30 percent are even evaluating new tools for tracking their financial lives.

The survey also finds that among people who have a financial advisor, 21 percent contacted that advisor with coronavirus concerns.

Key survey findings:

Perhaps interestingly, more people are worried about getting coronavirus than being prepared for an 18-month recession (22% vs 12%).

Survey methodolgy

Results come from a statistically accurate sample size panel conducted March 3 2020 of 400 people aged 18 to 54+ based in the United States via Pollfish. Full survey results, sample size data, and demographics available by request at

Q1. Regarding your financial life, has the COVID-19 outbreak made you:

Feel more conservative about using your money32%
No change to how you feel about using your money65%
Feel less conservative about using your money3.0%

Q2. Because of the COVID-19, have you had to

Spend more money11%
Spend less money15.5%
No change to spending money74%

Q3. Has the COVID-19 outbreak made you rethink your investing strategy?

Does not apply to me25%

Q4. Has the COVID-19 outbreak made you rethink your saving strategy?

Does not apply to me14%

Q5. Has the COVID-19 outbreak inspired you to rethink how you track your financial life?


Q6. Has the COVID-19 outbreak inspired you to look for new tools for tracking your financial life?


Q7. How financially prepared do you feel for an economic downturn lasting up to 18 months?

1 – Least prepared12%
5 – Most prepared15%

Q8. How concerned are you about getting COVID-19?

1 – Most worried22.5%
5 – Least worried17%

Q9. Have concerns about the impact of COVID-19 inspired you to contact your financial advisor?

Note: Among people who have a financial advisor, 21% said they contacted their advisor because of coronavirus concerns.

Yes – I have a financial advisor, and HAVE contacted them because of COVID-19 concerns.9%
No – I have a financial advisor but have NOT contacted them because of COVID-19 concerns.32%
I do not have a financial advisor59%

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