How Tiller Finances Spreadsheets Work

Your financial worksheets updated, every day

The Tiller service automatically pulls transaction data from all of your credit card, checking, and savings accounts every day. We then feed your data into a secure Tiller Sheet spreadsheet so you’ve always got a current view.

Organized money management

We let you categorize it the way you want. Setting up categories takes just a few seconds, and soon you’ll have a rich data set in your financial planning worksheet. Our standard reports help you to build awareness around your spending, and it’s easy to build your own reports to dive deeper into your personal or family finances.

Finance worksheets for every case

Create up to five Tiller Sheets pulling data from a few or every linked account for all your money management needs. Share one with your spouse for family budgets, one with your child to help them track spending in a shared checking account, and another for work related expenses. The sky’s the limit. Read more about our multiple sheets feature on the Tiller Blog.

Flexibly fine tuning your finance

Harness the power of Google Sheets. Filter your financial transactions to drill down and identify spending for a specific amount, merchant or date. Build your own pivot tables for customized reporting to understand and analyze personal finance trends.  Modify transaction descriptions, add new rows, make notes, or add in new columns to track what’s important to you. Read about our full list of supported columns on the Tiller Blog.

Share your sheet for easier money management

The daily Tiller update combined with Google Sheets make collaboration easy. You can share your monthly budget spreadsheet or financial planning worksheet with your spouse, your accountant, or your elderly parent. A revision history keeps track of every change, and you can access your Tiller Sheet from anywhere.

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