Automatic Transaction Categorization

AutoCat gives you complete control of all your auto-categorization rules in Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Tiller’s AutoCat feature intelligently categorizes based on simple rules under my full control. Result? It gets it right 100% of the time.”
Chris Lozac’h
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Save time and keep your transactions organized with AutoCat

In the example below, a rule is created to automatically assign any transactions with the description “Hannaford” to the “Groceries” category. You can decide if you want this rule to run when new transactions enter your spreadsheet, or on a manual trigger.

Examples of rules you might create:

  • Any transaction with a description containing Nytimes is auto-categorized as Subscription
  • Descriptions containing Payment with the institution “Capital One” is categorized as Transfer
  • Descriptions with Starbucks under $25 are categorized as Coffee but any over $25 are Dining Out

Automate other tasks with AutoCat:

  • Automatically tag transactions
  • Clean up descriptions
  • Automate your own custom Transactions sheet columns