Foundation Template

Automatically track your spending, budgets, and net worth with the flexible Foundation Template for Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Extremely customizable. I finally have a handle on my day-to-day spending.”
Adam Kahn, Google Review, July 31, 2023

New: Spending Trends Dashboard

See all your spending in one place and always know where your money goes with the effortless Spending Trends dashboard.

Spending Trends Hero Google Sheets
Spending Trends Dashboard for Google Sheets

Other sheets included with the Foundation Template


Categories Sheet

Customize all of your categories to perfectly reflect how you think about your money.

  • The most customizable categories of any service.
  • Use up to 200 categories in your Categories Sheet.
  • Create, delete, and rename categories as needed.
  • Use category groups and tags for greater control.
tiller foundation template 2022 microsoft excel transactions simple browser
Unified Transactions Sheet

Transactions Sheet

See every transaction at a glance in one always-organized sheet.

  • Search, filter, split, and delete transactions with ease.
  • View every transaction in one always-organized sheet.
  • Each transaction includes editable date, description, category, amount, and account ID data.
tiller foundation template 2022 microsoft excel monthly budget simple browser
Monthly Budget Sheet

Monthly Budget

Plan your monthly spending based on your actual cash flow and past trends.

  • Visualize your budget by type, group, and category.
  • Quickly see what’s remaining in each category.
  • See the percentage allocated to each group.
  • See past budgets from the previous month and year.
tiller foundation template 2022 microsoft excel yearly budget simple browser
Yearly Budget Sheet

Yearly Budget

See your entire year’s budget, actuals, and available funds in a single view.

  • The Yearly Budget tracks your actual spending.
  • See your entire year’s budget and get a cash flow analysis for each month and the entire year.
  • See a month-over-month review and comparison.
NetWorth 1

Account Balances

View the daily balances for all your connected accounts.

  • See the daily balance on all your bank, credit card, brokerage, and loan accounts in one place.
  • View the daily and historic balances for all your connected accounts.
  • Track your debts and assets and chart your net worth over time.