Tiller Money Feeds

Connect your banks to your spreadsheets and gain powerful insights about your money

Tiller Money Feeds for Excel

“Fully integrates with your spreadsheets. Easy to update and link accounts. Works consistently. Has helped me finally stick to a budget and save consistently.”
John Henderson
Google Workspace, November 2021

Tiller Money Feeds is a secure spreadsheet extension for Google and Microsoft spreadsheets

21,000 Banks in your spreadsheets

It saves you time by importing your daily spending, income, and account balances directly into your spreadsheets. No more data entry, logging into multiple accounts, or dealing with messy CSVs.

  • Manage your money in a spreadsheet 10x faster
  • Works with 21,000+ banks and financial sources
  • Connect your accounts and track everything in one place
  • The easiest way to manage money with a spreadsheet

more flexible than any app

Track your financial life with the flexibility of a spreadsheet and the automation of an app

  • See all your daily transactions and account balances at a glance
  • Use templates to track expenses, budget, pay off debt, and much more
  • Run reports, use formulas to analyze trends, forecast cash flow, and confidently plan your financial future
  • Create your own transaction categories and use AutoCat to categorize everything to your custom rules
“Awesome! Easy to get all my data into spreadsheets, great templates to get started with budgeting, saving goals, net-worth tracking and more. I have total control and can change or add anything I want.”
Google Workspace Marketplace

For Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel 

Use Google Sheets at home and Excel workbooks at work? No problem: with one Tiller account you can use both platforms at the same time.

complete control of your transaction categories

Tiller Money Feeds for Google Sheets

Use your own templates and link multiple workbooks

Tiller Money Feeds for Microsoft Excel

Get started with Tiller Money Feeds in a few quick steps:

With Tiller Money Feeds keeping your finances updated in your spreadsheets, you can use AutoCat to auto-categorize transactions, budget and track expenses with the Foundation Template, and build your own automated custom template.

1. Sign up for Tiller

Start a completely free 30-day trial by clicking here

2. Securely authenticate your financial accounts

Link all accounts you want to track. Tiller never sees or stores login details, and your data is secured with bank-grade encryption.

3. Start with Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel

You can always add the other later; Tiller supports both platforms.

4. Configure your settings in your spreadsheets

Link accounts, create your categorization rules, choose how often you want your data to update, and more – all directly in your spreadsheets.

It all comes together in one tool designed to help you successfully navigate your financial life, your way

Additional benefits with Tiller

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Private By Design

Tiller’s team is blind to your financial data; we never mine or sell data

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No Annoying Ads

Tiller doesn’t run ads; we never sell your financial data to advertisers

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Bank-Grade Encryption

Your data is protected in transit and at rest with 256-bit AES encryption

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Tiller Money Feeds

Get a morning email with your latest transactions and balances

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Our friendly U.S.-based support team is here to help when you need it

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Foundation Template

Find answers, share ideas, and get inspired with the Tiller Community

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Daily Email

Get a morning email with your latest transactions and balances

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Customer Support

Our friendly U.S.-based support team is here to help when you need it

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Vibrant Community

Find answers, share ideas, and get inspired with the Tiller Community

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Easy Collaboration

Share your spreadsheets and collaborate in real-time at no extra cost

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Builder Friendly

Build your own custom financial dashboard powered by Tiller

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Multiple Platforms

Use both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel with one Tiller subscription

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Multiple Spreadsheets

Use up to five and track your budgets, business income, and more

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Helpful Webinars

With Q&A help you get up to speed fast and do more with Tiller

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Community Templates

Dozens of free templates to customize how you track your money

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