Tiller Money Feeds

Only Tiller Money Feeds automatically updates your spending, budgets, and balances in Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel each day.

“I love the freedom of having all of my data available for custom analysis and reporting.”
Kip Wittchen, ★★★★★ Google Review
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Connect your banks to your spreadsheets and gain powerful insights into your money

Connect your accounts

Securely authenticate your accounts in Tiller’s Console. Tiller never sees or stores your bank login details.

Link your spreadsheets

You can connect your accounts to both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel at the same time.

Import your transactions

All your transactions flow into a unified sheet where they can easily be analyzed, filtered, and sorted

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“I love the freedom of having all of my data available for custom analysis and reporting.”

What is Tiller Money Feeds?

Tiller Money Feeds connects to your financial accounts to your spreadsheets via an add-on for Google Sheets and an add-in for Microsoft Excel. Tiller Money Feeds then automatically imports your daily spending, account balances, income, and transfers into your spreadsheets via autofill or with a click. By eliminating data entry and multiple account logins, Tiller Money Feeds make tracking your financial life in a spreadsheet 10x faster and easier.

How do I set up Tiller Money Feeds?

To set up Tiller Money Feeds, you first need to sign up for a Tiller account. After that, connect your financial accounts to Tiller, then link Tiller to your Google Sheets with Tiller’s Google Sheets add-on or to Microsoft Excel with Tiller’s Microsoft Excel add-in. Via the add-on or add-in, you can choose which accounts you want to feed into your spreadsheet.

Is Tiller Money Feeds secure?

Yes, Tiller Money Feeds uses bank-grade data security, 256-bit AES encryption, and read-only access to ensure that your financial data is secure. They do not store your bank credentials.

Which financial institutions can I link with Tiller Money Feeds?

Tiller Money Feeds connects 21,000 banks, credit cards, brokerages, loans, and other financial sources to Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. New banks are being added each week. The best way to see if Tiller supports your bank is by trying Tiller free – your card isn’t charged until the end of your trial, and you can easily cancel anytime.

Who should I contact if I need help with Tiller Money Feeds?

If you encounter any issues with Tiller Money Feeds, you should contact Tiller Money’s top-rated customer support with the chat widget in the Tiller Console or in the Tiller Community.

How often does Tiller Money Feeds update my data?

Tiller Money Feeds updates your data once a day. You can manually refresh your sheet to see the latest updates.

How much does Tiller Money Feeds cost?

Tiller Money Feeds is included with your $79 annual Tiller subscription, which also includes the Foundation Template, AutoCat, Daily Email Summary, and top-rated customer support.

Is Tiller Money Feeds compatible with Microsoft Excel?

Tiller Money Feeds works with both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel, and you can use both with a single subscription.

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