Tiller Money is easiest way to track your daily finances in a spreadsheet.

Tiller is based in spreadsheets for proven flexibility and control.
And it’s automated to save time and keep things easy.

“The best, most critical first step you can take to improve your finances is to track your spending.” – Libby Kane, Business Insider

Sample spreadsheets get you started:

Weekly Spending Analysis by Category Report for Google Sheets

5-Week Spending Trends Report

Visualize track spending trends and averages by category for the past five weeks at a glance in Google Sheets.

Spending Money Report Google Sheets

Available Spending Money Report

A simple spending tracker for Google Sheets that shows you how much discretionary money you have to spend each month.

Spending Money Report Google Sheets

Spending Comparison Report

Gain a better understanding of your spending by comparing trends across time periods. See which categories changed the most.


Amazon Line Item Importer

An experimental workflow to track and categorize every item you buy from Amazon with line-item precision.

Yearly Cash Flow Insights Report

See your cash flow, top expenses, and category totals for an entire year with this powerful report for Google Sheets.

Spending Money Report Google Sheets

Spending Analysis by Category

Automatically track spending trends and averages for the past week, two weeks, three weeks, and up to a year at a glance.

Tiller feeds your transactions directly into spreadsheets.

Track spending with the only tool that combines the ease of automation and the flexibility of spreadsheets.

Know your spending before you budget.

Track and understand spending so you can create attainable budget goals.

Track all your accounts in one place.

Track spending and balances for all your linked accounts on one dashboard.

Easily track spending with a partner.

Tiller is based in Google Sheets and Excel Online, so it's easy to collaborate with your spouse or financial planner.

Tiller gives you ultimate control
of transaction categories.

Categories are the foundation of expense tracking. While other tools limit your options, Tiller makes it easy to add, delete, and rename up to 200 categories.

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