How to Convert Currency in Google Sheets

Here are simple steps for converting currency and importing current exchange rates directly into Google Sheets

If you often need to convert currency, you’re probably familiar with Google’s quick tool in the search engine.

You can type in the currency conversion you need into Google’s search bar, and it immediately pops up a box that shows you the conversion and solution.

Conversions are tricky, though, because they’re always changing. Countries’ currencies fluctuate with inflation, so the value today might not be the same tomorrow. Tracking this can be difficult if you do it manually.

Convert Currency in Google Sheets

It’s no surprise that Google has imported their helpful currency conversion function into Google Sheets. Now, you can use a formula to convert currency and find exchange rates with the most up-to-date information.

To do this, you’ll need to follow a simple phrasing formula.

Google Finance Formula for Currency Exchange Rates

In a box of your liking on Google Sheets, use this formula:


To better understand how to use this formula, you’ll need to break it down into sections like we previously did above.

Using the phrase =GOOGLEFINANCE tells Google Sheets that you are about to use one of its finance formulas. The parenthesis on either side of the rest of the formula tells Google what you’d like to use the finance formula on.

The phrase source_currency_symbol stands in for what currency you’d like to start with. Replace this section with the three-letter code that is assigned to the currency. For example, the United States currency uses the code “USD.”

Without separation of any kind, replace target_currency_symbol with the three-letter code assigned to the desired currency. Then, press enter.

As an example, if you wanted to convert U.S. dollars into the British Pound (GBP), you’d use this formula:


In place of the formula you typed in, Google will input the current conversion exchange rate for those currencies.

If you have a list of currency conversions, you can apply the formula with references to cells rather than typing them in. For example, you could write


This formula will pull in the data you’ve entered into A2 and B2 cells, such as “USD” and “GBP.”

As a result, Google will replace your formula with the exchange rate between those two currencies listed.

Google Finance Formula for Converting Currency

Sometimes, instead of simply importing currency exchange rates, you want Google to automatically convert currency for you. The above formula will only show you the exchange rate, so you’ll need to use a different formula to directly convert.

If you have a list of amounts in one currency that you’d like converted, you can use this formula:


In other words, you input the three-letter symbol for the original currency, then follow it immediately with the three-letter symbol for the target currency, just like before. You follow it, however, with the name of the cell that includes the original amount.

For example, if you had $500 in USD listed in cell A2, and you wanted to convert it to GBP, you’d use this formula:


In response, Google Sheets will replace your formula with the converted US$500 in the number of British Pounds.

If you’d like to convert an entire list of currencies, you can copy and paste this formula by double-clicking the fill handle of that cell. This will apply the formula to the rest of the column.

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