how to download your amazon order history report in 3 steps

How to Download Your Amazon Order History Report in 3 Steps

Follow these easy steps to download your Amazon order history and transaction reports. All reports download as CSV files.

It’s easy to download your Amazon order history. 

This is useful for people who want to track and categorize Amazon purchases on a line-item basis. (For example, Groceries, Apparel, Home Goods, etc). It’s also useful for businesses that buy supplies or sell on Amazon.

Standard Amazon order reports are highly detailed and include order date, cost, product category, condition, seller, shipment date, shipping address, payment account, taxes, and more.

Download your Amazon order history with the three easy steps below!

3 Steps to Download your Amazon Order History Report

Step 1

Log in to your Amazon account:

Step 2

Visit your Amazon items purchase history page:

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Step 3

Choose the date range and type of report you’d like to download. All Amazon Order History reports download in the CSV file format. You can download four types of reports:

– Items: A line-item report of every individual item you’ve purchased from Amazon.

– Orders and Shipments: See each Amazon order by total, order number, and ship date.

– Refunds: A report of all your Amazon refunds.

– Returns: A report of all your Amazon returns.

Note that if you upgrade to a free Amazon Business account, you can get additional insights on orders, including category, spend, and more.

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