How to Download Your Amazon Order History Report (Updated for May 2023)

Follow these easy steps to download your Amazon order history and transaction reports. All reports download as CSV files.

To download your Amazon order history before March 2023, you could simply visit Amazon’s Order History portal and download your order history CSV.

You could then use Tiller’s free Import CSV Line Items utility to upload each transaction into Google Sheets.

This workflow takes your Amazon orders and categorizes each item purchased within that order as discrete transactions in Tiller-powered spreadsheets.

For example, instead seeing of a single transaction for $20 from Amazon.com in your spreadsheet, you would see:

  • $10.00, Kids
  • $5, Pets
  • $5, Books

However, in March, Amazon abruptly stopped providing this popular download, frustrating many users in the Tiller Community and beyond.

Fortunately, Amazon is required to provide customers with access to their personal data.

To access your Amazon order history, you must now visit Amazon’s “privacy central” service to find a comprehensive record of everything Amazon knows about you – including your order history.

Tiller’s Import CSV Line-item workflow has been updated to read this data.

The Import CSV Line-item workflow can now read the Retail.OrderHistory.1.csv file in the “Your Orders” Privacy Central download.

The data mapping isn’t exactly the same as the previous version of this tool but it is really close.

Some Important Notes

  • The old report did not include Amazon Fresh purchases— that data is now interleaved with the rest of your Amazon purchases— and these can be really high volume. Inexplicably, these purchases are identified in the CSV as coming from the “panda01” website. A filter has been added those of you who want to remove these items from your import (see screenshot at bottom).
  • The old report was based on a user-selected time range. The new report will contain your entire Amazon history, slowing down performance of the initial upload step considerably (it now takes several minutes). You may also want to use the Start Date filter to avoid importing very old transactions (e.g. beyond the beginning of your spreadsheet’s time range).
  • The previous workflow that excludes purchases that match previously-imported transactions still works (across old- and new-workflow records)— please let me know if you find this not to be the case and are seeing duplicates.
  • The new Privacy Central CSV includes information on Amazon returns.
  • This import workflow is currently only available in Google Sheets.

Previous instructions (outdated as of March 2023)

This is useful for people who want to track and categorize Amazon purchases on a line-item basis. (For example, Groceries, Apparel, Home Goods, etc). It’s also useful for businesses that buy supplies or sell on Amazon.

Standard Amazon order reports are highly detailed and include order date, cost, product category, condition, seller, shipment date, shipping address, payment account, taxes, and more.

Download your Amazon order history with the three easy steps below!

3 Steps to Download your Amazon Order History Report

Step 1

Log in to your Amazon account: Amazon.com/your-account

Step 2

Visit your Amazon items purchase history page: www.amazon.com/gp/b2b/reports

Step 3

Choose the date range and type of report you’d like to download. All Amazon Order History reports download in the CSV file format. You can download four types of reports:

– Items: A line-item report of every individual item you’ve purchased from Amazon.

– Orders and Shipments: See each Amazon order by total, order number, and ship date.

– Refunds: A report of all your Amazon refunds.

– Returns: A report of all your Amazon returns.

Note that if you upgrade to a free Amazon Business account, you can get additional insights on orders, including category, spend, and more.

Read: How to Export Amazon Orders to Excel and Google Spreadsheets

amazon order history report csv
Edward Shepard

Edward Shepard

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Notable Replies

  1. I’m seeing the same thing with my personal Amazon account too. I’ve started a chat/support request with them to see if they can remove the redirect.

  2. They indicate:

    I’ve just check with my lead there is some technical issue with that link we are already working on it please don’t worry we’ll solve the problem i request you to please try after 24-48 hours

  3. I’m experiencing the same issue with Amazon History Reports. However, I do not believe that it is a Tiller issue. Just spent over an hour on chat w/Amazon, and they have no solution – it must be a problem on the Amazon end.

    If you go to this Amazon help page: https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=201983330

    The hyperlink for “Order History Reports” on this help page shows the URL: https://www.amazon.com/gp/b2b/reports . However, this URL redirects to the page: https://www.amazon.com/gp/your-account/order-history , which is the “Your Orders” page – this experience is the same as reported in the issues logged previously on this topic.

  4. Thanks @heather! Hopefully they fix it soon!

    Yes @houtexdavid definitely a Amazon issue (not Tiller). I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t an issue specific to me!

  5. Avatar for randy randy says:

    Well… that’s a bummer.

    They hid the link in their Accounts page a month or so ago, but, as @houtexdavid observed, one could still access the CSV creator page via the link within the Tiller Money Labs workflow instructions.

    With that link now redirecting, I’m not sure how we can get access. I imagine many Amazon customers will be disappointed to lose access to this feature.

    P.S. It appears their support content has not kept pace with their ability to deprecate cherished features.

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