Introducing All-New Tools for Automatically Tracking Your Financial Life in Spreadsheets

Introducing the Tiller Money Platform for Google Sheets, with new tools that instantly automate personal finance tracking in any Google Spreadsheet, along with a free library of templates and a vibrant new user community.

At #FinCon19 today, Tiller Money announced all-new tools to instantly automate personal finance tracking in any Google Spreadsheet, along with a free library of templates and a vibrant new user community.

Tiller Money’s mission is to give people ultimate control of their financial lives through customizable, automated spreadsheets. 

The company was founded on the insight that people who use spreadsheets to track their money report higher financial confidence than those who use any other tool. Of Americans who track their finances, 14% (24 million people) use spreadsheets as their primary tool. 

Tiller Labs Add-on with Net Worth Sheet Installed

The Tiller Money Platform for Google Sheets is an evolution beyond Tiller’s original, award-winning spreadsheet templates.

This new collection of tools empowers spreadsheet users to easily build custom, automated solutions to fully manage their financial lives with the flexibility of Google Sheets:

  • Tiller Money Add-on for Google Sheets: Instantly automate any Google Spreadsheet with a daily feed of your latest financial transactions. More →
  • Foundation Template for Google Sheets: A powerfully simple dashboard that brings your finances together in one visual, automated spreadsheet. More →
  • Tiller Money Community: A new forum for spreadsheet and personal finance enthusiasts to ask questions, find solutions, and build their own highly customized Tiller-powered spreadsheet projects. More →
  • Tiller Labs Add-on for Google Sheets: Instantly add free personal finance templates to any Tiller Money-powered Google spreadsheet. Examples include monthly and yearly budgets, net worth visualizer, debt progress tracker, and several spending reports.  More →

“Our next-generation Tiller Money platform enables anyone to use Tiller Money’s service with any Google Sheet,” said Peter Polson, founder of Tiller Money. “No longer are you required to use Tiller Money with one of our dozen templates. Any Google Sheet created by any of the hundreds of millions of Google Sheets users can now connect to Tiller Money. As we unleash Tiller Money’s core feeds, we’re also opening our new community – a home for personal finance spreadsheet users to share, learn, and connect. We couldn’t be more excited about this new architecture and the power it gives people to gain control of their finances.”

All of the new Tiller Money tools are available today with a free 30-day trial at

About Tiller Money 

Tiller Money: Your financial life in a spreadsheet, automatically updated each day.

Tiller Money invented the first automated personal finance templates for Google Sheets in 2016. By eliminating data entry, Tiller made managing money in a spreadsheet 10X faster. Today Tiller empowers people to build their own highly customized personal finance dashboards with Google Sheets and Excel, powered by automatic daily financial feeds, a library of free personal finance templates, and a vibrant user community. 

Tiller Money offers a completely free 30-day trial. An annual Tiller Money subscription is $79 and includes Tiller Money Feeds for Google Sheets, Tiller Money Feeds for Excel (beta), Foundation Template for Google Sheets, Tiller Labs Library with 15+ personal finance templates, AutoCat for Google Sheets, and access to the Tiller Money Community.

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