Join Tiller’s Multi-Aggregator Beta Waitlist

Tiller invites you to join our beta waitlist to test new Tiller Money Feeds aggregators for improved bank feed connections.

One of our top engineering goals at Tiller is to develop Tiller Money Feeds into the most reliable automated financial feeds of any personal finance service.

In our quest to give you the best bank feeds possible, we will soon offer additional aggregation options in addition to our current partner Envestnet Yodlee.

Two new aggregators have already made it through many rounds of internal testing. Now we’re ready to invite our Community to test them as well.

We’ve just launched a beta testing waitlist, which you can join by completing this form.

But wait, what’s an aggregator?

A financial data aggregator collects and organizes financial data from thousands of sources, including banks, credit card companies, investment firms, lenders, and other financial institutions.

The aggregator then publishes an API that makes this data accessible to banks, financial services, and fintech companies like Tiller.

Until now, Tiller has exclusively partnered with Envestnet Yodlee to pull data from your banks. We pay for this service rather than trading or selling access to your data. (More accurately, your Tiller subscription pays for this service.)

We’ve also contractually prohibited our aggregator from using your data.

More options, more banks, more reliable

It will take some time before these new services are available to all customers.

We need to be certain they meet our standards for speed and reliability at scale.

But if you’d like to test and share feedback on the two new aggregators, sign up to join our waitlist. We’ll then send an email to let you know next steps.

Thank you for being a key part of the Tiller Community!

Heather Phillips

Heather Phillips

Heather comes from a background of user experience design & customer support. She loves helping others learn, explore and discover better ways to use applications and products that improve their lives. When she’s not coaching customers on Tiller best practices, tweeting or writing blogs, she’s probably at a yoga class, out for a hike in the Blue Ridge, or off volunteering for a variety of non-profits.

Notable Replies

  1. Cool! A couple editing comments on the form:

    • In the main description, “bring” should be “bringing”.
    • In the pricing question, “will” should be “willing”.

    All the "ing"s got dropped. :slight_smile:

  2. Fixed, thank you! I am getting ready to go on vacation for two weeks and am working in haste to put bows on a bunch of stuff :gift:

  3. Thanks! Have fun on vacation, you deserve it!

  4. Hi,

    Are they better with Canadian banks>. CIBC has been down for more than 2 weeks.



  5. My same issue last few weeks with CIBC, glad you brought up here as well! I also use Wealthica and they offer a non-Yodlee connection called Plaid that is working well with CIBC. I’m having to balance 2 tools :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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