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Tiller was recently featured on Kitces.com,  the highly respected website for…


Tiller was recently featured on Kitces.com,  the highly respected website for financial planners, and the “Top Blog On All Things Financial Planning.”

The post was written by Lindsay Bourkoff, CFP®, Partner and Director of Financial Planning at Shrier Wealth Management:

Tiller Money has helped my clients stay organized, and helped me build better and more suitable financial plans by finally understanding where their cash flow it going. In fact, I was so impressed with it, that I’m now also an avid user of Tiller Money for my own household! – Lindsay Bourkoff, Kitces.com

It’s gratifying to read such a wonderful endorsement. We’ve also heard from financial planners who originally used Tiller for their personal finances, but later also used it with clients.

“Tiller and financial advisors share a singular mission: to help people gain control of their money and achieve their goals,” said Tiller founder Peter Polson. “We also share a similar business plan: Tiller’s only revenue comes from our subscription fees, we prioritize privacy, and we don’t push ads or other products to our customers.”

Tiller and financial advisors share a singular mission: to help people gain control of their money and achieve their goals. – Tiller founder Peter Polson

We’re excited so many advisors are using Tiller and spreadsheets today.

In January, we’re publishing new content for advisors who want to use Tiller in their planning practice. Longer term, we’re developing additional features that specifically support the unique needs of advisors.Signing up for a free trial of Tiller is the very best way to see if it might work for you. If you decide Tiller isn’t right for you, very easily cancel anytime

You can link unlimited accounts, your card isn’t charged until the end of your trial, and we’ll email you before we charge your card.

If you’re a financial advisor or financial professional looking to use Tiller with your clients here’s how to get started:

  1. Ask your clients to start a free 30 day trial of Tiller using their own Google Account.
  2. Your clients will connect their bank accounts through our secure data aggregation service to the Tiller Console under the Account Summary area.
  3. We recommend that you suggest a Google Sheets template that your client should start out with from the Tiller Console.
  4. Once the Tiller-powered Google Sheet is created it’s accessible via your client’s Google Drive. Your client can share their sheet with your Google account via your Gmail address with the permissions you agree are suitable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my client’s data private and secure on Google Drive?

Security and privacy are top priorities here at Tiller and Google has invested heavily in the security and privacy of its consumer’s data.

Can I use Microsoft Excel for my clients instead of Google Sheets?

Yes, but the workflow is a little more complex because of the way the updates make it into the sheet. Your client would need to store their Excel workbook on OneDrive and could share it with you via OneDrive and Microsoft Live account. However, they would need to update it for the most recent data to flow into the sheet. Google Sheets has automated updates to the sheet without user intervention being required.

Can I pay for my client’s subscription?

At this time we do not have an automated way to allow advisors and financial professionals to pay for their customers’ subscriptions.

One creative option would be to issue your client a re-fillable gift card that you re-charge each time their renewal is coming up. Another is to offer them credit for the $79 annual subscription fee.

Do you offer enterprise or bulk subscription discounts?

We do not offer discounts for enterprise or bulk subscriptions at this time.

Can I create my own Google Sheets or Excel template for my clients to use with Tiller’s data feeds?

Microsoft Excel works well for this if you map it to work with our data feed. Read more.

Google Sheets can work for this workflow too if you create a sheet that can be easily copied into a Tiller-powered Google Sheet or are comfortable setting up an IMPORTRANGE between your client’s master data sheet and your own Google Sheets template.

What type of customer support does Tiller offer?

We offer thoughtful and friendly real human support via email or chat.

We’d love to hear from you!

If you’re an advisor and you’re interested in Tiller today or for the future, we’d love to hear from you. Email team@tillerhq.com with any questions or suggestions.

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