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New for Google Docs: Shared Document Add-ons

Google has rolled out an awesome new feature that lists the add-ons installed in a document (such as our Tiller spreadsheets).  

This means you can now find a new item in the Add-on menu called “Document Add-ons.” Click on the top of the add-on menu to see something like this:

This window lists any add-ons installed in the sheet. Simply click the “USE” menu item to view the functionality of the sheet.

All Add-Ons Are Now Shared With the Sheet

Some of the real power happens when you share your sheet with another user. That’s because the list of add-ons travels with the sheet.  The other user will see this:

That shared user now has the option to add and use the add-ons themselves by clicking on the “ADD TO SHEETS” item. Now, all add-ons can be shared when the sheet is shared.

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