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Bestselling author James Clear tweeted “The two skills of modern…

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Bestselling author James Clear tweeted “The two skills of modern business: Storytelling and spreadsheets. Know the numbers. Craft the narrative.” 

It’s true that spreadsheet knowledge is a metaskill that can boost your entire career. 

But spreadsheets are helpful for more than just business. They can also help you organize and analyze complicated life problems, improve decisions, and predict outcomes. 

You can use Google Sheets with very little experience. But when you learn just a little more about Google Sheets – like how to make a pivot table – it becomes exponentially more useful.

If you (or someone you know, including a teenager stuck at home this summer) wants to sharpen their Google Sheets knowledge, Ben Collins has just opened a new Google Sheets Essentials course.

It’s 100% online, on-demand video training course  will teach you:

  • The key functions you need to do most spreadsheet work
  • How to collaborate in Google Sheets and work with colleagues efficiently
  • How to get past the pivot table hurdle and transform your data (it’s easier than you think!)
  • How to integrate Google Sheets with Google Forms and Google Slides
  • To effectively communicate ideas and insights using the Google Sheets chart tool
  • And more

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner to early-intermediate Google Sheets users
  • Individuals looking for a refresher on key concepts
  • People who want to be more effective with spreadsheets

Whether you work in finance or education, law or medicine, tech or trade, you’ll see better work opportunities if you’re confident using spreadsheets.

The course is just $99 and includes Learn more and sign up for Google Sheets Essentials.

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