Pitch Your Ideas for (Paid) Posts You’d Like to Publish With Tiller

If you use Tiller, for a limited time we are now accepting pitches for paid writing opportunities. We'd love to hear your money stories, how you use Tiller, spreadsheet tips and tricks, and more.

Over the years, Tiller’s blog has grown into a popular resource with some of Google’s top-ranked articles about spreadsheets and personal finance. 

In 2022, Tiller is ramping up the number of posts we publish and promote. As we hire writers, we’re most excited to publish work from people who use Tiller, including members of our Tiller Community.

So if you use Tiller, we want to hear your pitches for paid posts to our blog.

What we publish

To spark ideas for what to pitch, browse our blog and Community

  • We’re most interested in posts demonstrating how Tiller helps clarify and solve money riddles.  Even better if it’s a story based on your own personal experience of managing money with Tiller.  
  • But we’ll also accept articles covering general Tiller tips and tutorials.
  • Beyond covering Tiller, we’re interested in fresh perspectives on personal finance. Have an idea? Send a quick pitch and we’ll let you know if it might work.
  • We’re also interested in your money stories. Everyone has one, most of us have many! 

Finally, if you enjoy writing and research, and want to publish with Tiller but aren’t sure what to cover, let us know in the pitch form. I’ll get in touch with some ideas. 

TLDR; If you have an idea for something you’d like to publish with Tiller, send us a quick pitch

The exception to all of the above are pitches for guest posts designed to promote a website, blog, or product. We do not accept these types of posts at any time. 

Bylines and Credit 

If possible, we prefer to publish stories under your real name. However, we understand the topic of money can be a private subject, so we can also publish under a generic “Contributor” byline as requested.

If credit is desired, we will need your name and a brief author bio. We can also link to your personal blog or social profile. And we will also crosslink your blog posts to your profile in the Tiller Community unless you prefer otherwise. 


If we accept your pitch, we will pay per post on a sliding scale based on your professional experience, knowledge of Tiller, and the length and detail of your article. Payment will range from $35 – $175 for most posts. 

However, we will pay more for detailed and/or deeply researched, long-form posts. For example, a post like “How we manage our family finances with Google Sheets” would command a significantly higher rate than a post like “The 5-Minute Weekly Ritual That Transformed My Financial Life” (which, to be fair, I wrote in a flash at a coffee shop). 

We will agree to payment and delivery terms before you start working on your article. 

Finally, we send payment via PayPal within 30 days of publishing your article on our blog.

Send your pitch!

To pitch a paid post you’d like to publish with Tiller, please use this form.

We’ll be accepting pitches for a limited time in the winter of 2022.

Just remember: when in doubt, pitch your idea. We can’t wait to read and share your work! 

Edward Shepard

Edward Shepard

Marketing Lead at Tiller. Writer. Spreadsheet nerd. Get in touch with partnership ideas at edward @ tillerhq.com.

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