Personal Finance Round-Up, Week 15, 2019

Personal Finance Round-Up, Week 15, 2019

Edward Shepard
April 12, 2019

Some of our favorite articles, links, and Tweets about personal finance, fintech, and spreadsheets for the week of April 7 – 13.

Google Sheets Updates!

Lots of Google Sheets news this week from the Google Next 19 developer conference. Visit Ben Collins’ website for the full rundown, including:
+ Native editing of Microsoft Office files in Docs, Sheets, and Slides
+ Work with Google Docs and Sheets inside Dropbox
+ Easily create beautiful reports, including Themes feature
+ Native remove duplicates feature
+ See and Edit history of a cell
+ G Suite integration with Google Assistant (beta)

Financial Independence / Early Retirement
Dating while living the FI/RE lifestyle: “A FIRE dating app would be a great idea,” one commenter said. “Except no FIRE people would ever pay for it.” →  MarketWatch

Second Income / Side Hustle
Before You Do Your Taxes, Understand the Difference Between a Hobby and a Side Hustle → Two Cents

Household & Family Finance
This Flowchart Will Help You Decide If You Should Use TurboTax This Year →  Digg

Saving Money
Want to Become a ‘Super Saver?’ Consider Your Housing Costs →  Lifehacker

Getting out of Debt
5 Steps to Lower Your Financial Stress When You’re Drowning in Debt → Tiny Buddha


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