Personal Finance Round-Up, Week 6, 2019


Round-Up shares the top personal finance and fintech articles read and shared by the Tiller team each week.

Read of the Week:

To increase your net worth faster, you need more cash, more productive time, or a better ROI on what you’re putting that cash and time towards.

So there are three levers you can pull to grow your net worth:

+ The “more cash” lever
+ The “more productive time” lever
+ The “better return on investment” lever

Read more: “No, You Don’t Need a Budget” via Nat Eliason 

Personal Finance

  • “Because the tax bill lowered tax brackets by 1 percentage point to 4 percentage points, most middle-class Americans are seeing much smaller tax cuts.” via CBS News
  • A reality that has plagued most Americans for the past couple of decades: real price inflation is much worse than the headline CPI numbers suggest. via Sounding Line
  • Earning Up to the Cost of Happiness: How Much Money Do You Need to Make to be Happy? via Fatherly

  • Nearly half of Americans are planning to save their tax refund this year — here’s the smartest place to put it via Business Insider
  • The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act eliminated some of the most common tax deductions for freelancers. Here are 10 deductions you won’t see this year. via Freelancers Union
  • Follow This One-Size-Fits-All Financial Advice via Lifehacker 

? Fintech

  • Plaid expands financial service API to include all US banks via Tech Crunch  

? Economy

  • Read this intriguing list of “Seven Fixes for American Capitalism” from the Right, Left, and across the Atlantic. via Bloomberg Business 

 ? Spreadsheets

  • “How to Use Daily Questions to Keep Your Life on Track” in a Google Sheet  –  via Neil Taylor
  • Google Sheets: The free budgeting tool you probably haven’t tried   via Clark Howard
  • Using A Query In Google Sheets to Organize Your Bank Account Transactions via Tiller Money

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