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Personal Finance Routines

The recent tweet by @dchura below inspired me to think about personal finance routines.

Everyone has their own unique financial routine. Some are intentional, like sitting down once a month to pay bills and review the household budget.

Others are defined by their lack of intention. (After all, saying “next month I’ll spend less” month after month is a type of routine, too.)

At Fincon 18, I chatted with a Tiller customer who told me about her personal finance ritual.

Every Sunday after church she comes home, opens her spreadsheet, reviews her family spending, and catches up on any necessary money moves.

This routine gives her a sense of joy, pride, and control.

I have two personal finance routines.

First, when I receive my monthly Tiller paycheck, I pay all our household bills, move our housing payment into a protected account, and review my account balances.

I only automate my main credit card payment. The rest I prefer to manually pay so I can stay on top of trends. (Especially important in the winter when utility costs skyrocket.)

Second, about once per week before the weekend, I categorize all recent spending in my Tiller Monthly Budget spreadsheet.

I love this ritual because it gives me an honest account of how I’m using my money. And it has turned me into a smarter spender. (Smarter than I used to be, at least.)

Because Tiller automatically imports all my transactions, I only have to categorize them. It takes me about five minutes. I look forward to it each week.

What’s Your Personal Finance Routine?

We’re asking everyone who reads the Tiller blog or subscribes to the Tiller Money Memo to share their personal finance routine below.

This is just for fun – it’s not for marketing purposes or any kind of study.

Everyone who leaves a response will be entered to win a $50 Amazon gift card. We’ll pick three winners.

We’ll share some of the responses next week as well.

Share your routine in the form below. Can’t wait to read the responses!

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