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Tiller Money is the first personal finance service to automatically feed aggregated bank data into Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel, helping customers manage their finances all in one place, their way. Tiller Money customers gain control of their financial lives with flexible spreadsheet templates to create a budget, pay down debt, save for the future, track net worth, and achieve financial peace of mind. 

Customers are supported by a team of US-based customer success experts, weekly webinars, the Tiller Money Memo, and frequent blog posts covering the world of personal finance. Tiller Money also hosts a vibrant user community at https://community.tillerhq.com.

Tiller Money’s mission is to empower people with greater understanding, confidence, and control of their financial lives. Everything we do is driven by the belief that money matters because life matters more.

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Tiller Money Launches New Platform to Automate Personal Finance Spreadsheets

Sep 05, 2019 – Introducing the Tiller Money Platform for Google Sheets, with all-new tools that instantly automate personal finance tracking in any Google Spreadsheet, along with a free library of templates and a vibrant new user community.


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