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Foundation Template

Whether you’re a spreadsheet beginner or an experienced pro, the Foundation Template is the easiest way to manage your financial life with the unmatched flexibility and power of Google Sheets.


A foundation for your financial life

Organize all your financial accounts in one place, automate data entry, and gain helpful financial insights with the Foundation Template from Tiller Money.

Automated by Tiller Money so you can focus on your finances, not data entry

The Foundation Template is the easiest way to get started with Tiller Money’s automated daily financial feeds.

Simply connect your banks, credit cards, brokerage, and other accounts from over 21,000 financial sources to see your latest spending, balances, and transactions updated each day. No more data entry, messy CSV files, or logging into multiple accounts.

Includes budgets, net worth tracker, 90-day financial insights

Right out of the box you can use the Foundation Template to track expenses and cash flow, make monthly and yearly budgets, monitor net worth and visualize your balance history and other money trends.

That’s because the Foundation Template combines several key sheets in one tightly integrated spreadsheet:

Included with your Tiller Money subscription

The Foundation Template is included with your Tiller Money subscription. Your subscription also includes:


The Foundation Template is developed, automated, and supported by Tiller Money.

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