Tiller Money Updates for October 2020

Savings Budget Template from Tiller Money Labs

Savings Budget By Tiller Money Labs

The Tiller Money Labs Savings Budget template is a new template that supports envelope budgeting in Google Sheets. It’s a powerful tool for people who want to track savings in a spreadsheet with minimal effort. 


The savings budget is designed to deliver the following benefits:

  • Compatibility with Tiller Money’s Foundation Template
  • In-category “rollover”/“envelope” savings workflows
  • Responsive performance
  • Simple to use and get started
  • Activation of savings workflows on a per-category basis
  • In-dashboard workflows to modify budgets and savings values
  • Budget & savings change-history logging
  • Compatibility with the Savings & Debt template to manage longer-term goals
  • See a video demo here

Learn more about the Savings Budget, including how to install it and frequently asked questions in this post in the Tiller Money Community.

Savings & Debt Sheet  from Tiller Money Labs (Prototype)

Savings And Debt Sheet 1

The Tiller Money Labs Savings & Debt (Prototype) is a companion sheet that allows you to set, manage and track your savings and debt goals atop the new Savings Budget template. This beta-quality template is new and is listed for testing and feedback only.

The template delivers the following benefits for savings:

  • Create savings goals within categories with target amounts & deadlines
  • Track progress against savings goals
  • Compare whether budgets are sufficient to reach your goals

Learn more about this template, including how to install it, in the Tiller Money Community.

Tiller Money Labs Bill Payment Tracker

Bill Payment Tracker

The Tiller Money Labs Bill Payment Tracker is designed to keep you informed about your upcoming bill payments. The sheet was designed for people who write checks or manually use a bank’s bill payment system to pay their bills.

Some of the benefits of using this sheet include:


  • Easy setup
  • A chronological list of your next 15 bills to be paid
  • A way to check which bills have been already paid
  • Detailed bill history data for a selected payee

This sheet works with bills that have different frequencies, including Monthly, Every 2 Months, Quarterly, Twice a Year and One-Time only. (Version 1.02 adds Yearly option as well.) You don’t need a Tiller Money subscription to use the sheet, but integrating Tiller’s Transaction sheet with this tracker will provide additional information.

Note: This bill tracker is intended to help you keep track of upcoming bills. Be careful to read all the instructions here and use care to make sure you check the correct boxes when you pay a bill. Tiller Money is not responsible if you miss your bill payment while using this tool. If you have all your bills set to autopay each month, this sheet is probably not necessary or that useful.

Learn more about this template, including how to install it, in the Tiller Money Community.

Other Recent Updates

Ux Graphic Designer Creative Sketch Planning Application Process Development Prototype Wireframe For Web Mobile Phone . User Experience Concept.

Search the Tiller Money Labs Ecosystem


In the Tiller Money Labs add-on, we’ve made it easier to find templates, workflows and community threads with a new search feature in the main menu at the top of the add-on. Search results include:

  • Available templates & solutions (e.g. Savings Budget)
  • Tiller Money Labs workflows & tools (e.g. Transactions Splitter 1 and reports)
  • Tiller Money Labs submenus (e.g. Utilities)
  • Discussions in the Tiller Money Community

Rename Category Tool


A month ago, we released a Merge Categories workflow for users of the Savings Budget. I realized that it wouldn’t be too hard to expand the Merge Categories workflow to include Rename-Category functionality— a feature request dating back to the early days of Tiller Money. As with the Merge Categories workflow, the Rename Category workflow:

  • Recategorizes all transactions from source to destination category in the Transactions sheet
  • Renames the category in the Categories sheet
  • Updates AutoCat rules using the source category
  • Reclassifies all savings/budget modifications in the Savings Budget Budget Journal sheet (if present)

The Rename Category workflow should work well for all Tiller Money spreadsheet users (not just Savings Budget users).

The Rename category tool can be found in the Tiller Money Labs add-on under “Tools.”

Manage your Tiller Money subscription from Google Sheets

We’ve pushed an update to the Tiller Money Feeds add-on today for a quick link to manage your subscription right from the sidebar. The Manage Subscription link will open a new browser tab and navigate to your billing portal where you can check your renewal or trial end date, review or change your default payment method, and more.

Add-on Menu Shortcuts

Based on some feedback about the number of clicks required to get to frequently-used menus & workflows, we have added shortcuts to common menus directly in the Google Sheets Add-on menu.

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