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“Our financial habits and perspectives are as personal as our dating choices, and we’re often similarly blind to our missteps.

We think we’ve been spending less, but we haven’t. We think we’ve followed through on that habit we committed to starting in 2018, but the numbers say otherwise….

Humans struggle to visualize themselves in the future, so it’s easy to spin our wheels and constantly tell ourselves next month or next year it will be different, only to watch decades slip by with no changes.

Here are some ways to actually get to next month or next year with true progress made along the way.” –  You Are Not Objective About Your Own Money” – Ryan Frailich, Forbes

💵 Personal Finance

In a great review of Tiller, Amanda writes “If I had to name just two things that have helped my family with our finances more than anything else, it would be tracking spending and automation.” via

“She trusted her husband to handle her money. It cost her more than she imagined.” via Buzz Feed News

One way to avoid the problem above?  Consider “money dates” with your spouse? They’re “about making sure your money is going towards what’s important to the two of you. To keep tabs on our money, we use a combo of a shared spreadsheet and an app” via Couple Money

All About Cash Flow and How It Helps You Achieve Financial Goals via Tiller Money

🏠 Real Estate

“Is the Housing Market the Canary in the Coal Mine” via What’s News, Wall Street Journal Podcast

💸 Taxes

The more you know about taxes, the less you’ll pay and the more you’ll save. Extensions, filing deadlines, and deductions: 3 Things About Taxes Americans Are Getting Wrong” via Motley Fool

💰 Investing

“Over the past year, savings accounts have outperformed both the S&P 500 and the 10-year US Treasury bond yield. As neo and traditional banks offer increasingly friendly interest rates, some money managers are headed back to the bank.” via The Hustle

🛒 Shopping & Thrift

“You should never pay full price for essential tech products” via The Verge

“How to Negotiate on Everything for Your Wedding” via Wise Bread

🇺🇸 Economy

There’s a big opportunity for #startups to develop tools and networks that empower this large segment of people to earn and keep more income. “America’s Middle Class is Vanishing. Nearly Half of Workers Earn Less than $30,000” via How Much

📊 Spreadsheets

Invite non-G Suite users to collaborate on files as visitors using PINs with Pincode Sharing in Google Drive, now in beta. via Google

Just for Fun 

For fun, we asked Twitter to vote on the “best money emoji.” The money bag won, followed by the flying dollar. The money bag was surprising –  a lot of old-timey bank robbers must use Twitter.

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