Round-Up shares the top personal finance and fintech articles read and shared by the Tiller team each week.

? Real Estate

  • Want to up your home’s resale value? Focus on these 8 projects via The Balance

  • Los Angeles vs. New England: Who’s got a more ‘super’ economy? via OC Register

Personal Finance

  • Varo Money is offering a new 2.8% APY savings account (vs the 0.09% national average).  You need to use a Varo card on 5 purchases each month and direct deposit $1000 per months. Good up to a $50k balance. via
  • You might not be a government employee, but what would you do if you missed two paychecks? It’s worth considering realistically to make sure you’ve got enough, or are on your way, for your emergency savings. via Stacking Benjamins 
  • “How to Negotiate on Everything for Your Wedding.” (And one could do worse than marrying someone bc of their negotiation skills.)  via Wise Bread 
  • A classic worthwhile read: “Minimalist Finances and Budgeting” via The Minimalists

? Fintech

  • Intriguing – but will it come in space grey? “Apple should issue a debit card” via Quartz
  • Stripe Raises $100 Million at $22.5 Billion Valuation (Tiller uses Stripe to process our payments). The fundraising is a follow-on round to a $245 million round led by Tiger Global last year. via The Information

? Economy

  • What would happen if hospitals openly shared their prices? Would healthcare become more competitive in the US? via The Conversation
  • How much is your data worth? According to Facebook, about as much as a plain pie from Joe’s Pizza. via Axios

  • The U.S. economy gained jobs for the 100th straight month, adding 304,000 jobs in January. But the unemployment rate rose to 4 percent from 3.9 percent in December as a result of the month-long government shutdown. via PBS News Hour

 ? Spreadsheets

  • From Gmail to Google Sheets to Google Drive, G Suite United is imposing consistency across Google’s suite–a noble goal that’s been years in the making. via Fast Company
  • Meet the man who has the largest collection of spreadsheets in the world. via Guinness Book of World Records 

⚡️ Tiller Family News

  • Great to read about Shannon Polson (wife of Tiller founder Peter Polson) “How This Former Apache Helicopter Pilot Created A Program To Help Leaders Develop Grit”  via Forbes


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