Say Hello, Money With Tiller’s Updated Daily Email

Tiller’s popular Daily Email Update is reborn as Hello, Money, with new customization options, rich account details, and a new net balances statement.

The Daily Email Update was one of Tiller’s most popular features. It showed the daily balances and new transactions across all your linked accounts in one simple email.

Along with our customers, Tiller’s team loved the Daily Email. However, we knew it could be more helpful without becoming (much) more complicated. 

With that goal, we combined your feedback with our vision of a service that makes “keeping up with your finances as easy as opening your inbox each day.” 

Today we’re releasing the first iteration of that vision as Hello, Money, while saying goodbye to the Daily Email Update.

What is Hello, Money?

Hello, Money Daily Email

Like the Daily Email Update, Hello, Money shows the daily balances and new transactions across all your selected financial accounts in one view:

  • Monitor all your selected accounts in one email
  • See where your money went yesterday
  • Know your updated balances today 
  • Catch unexpected charges 
  • Stop fraud before it spreads

Hello, Money also includes additional new features.

Account refresh details

You’ll now see when your accounts were last refreshed next to each institution in the email. This confirms your data is current, and shows you if accounts need to be refreshed on the Tiller Console.

Clear account organization

Hello, Money uses your custom account nicknames instead of the default account names. For example, you could name one Chase checking account “Family Chase Checking” and another “Personal Chase Debit.” 

You’ll also see your latest transactions organized by Institution then the respective Account. 

Customize what’s included 

Hello Money Email

You can now mix and match what you see in your Hello, Money email. For example, you might choose to see:

  • Refresh information only for accounts with no transactions or balance information
  • Just transactions and no balances
  • Just balances and no transactions
  • No data for the selected account at all
  • Any combination you’d like on a per account basis

Net balances summary 

Hello, Money provides a quick pulse on your net worth. See your total current liabilities subtracted from your total current assets in the new balances summary table.

Scannable layout 

While the Daily Email Update was plain text, we added some additional formatting to make Hello, Money easier to scan and digest at a glance. 

Share your thoughts 

With Hello, Money, we’re making it effortless to keep up with your finances each day. We hope it becomes part of your morning routine, so you always feel confident about what’s happening with your money. 

You can take it for a spin by customizing Hello, Money and then click the preview button to get it delivered to your inbox on demand. 

We’re eager to answer your questions and hear your feedback. Join the conversation here in the Tiller Community! 

Edward Shepard

Edward Shepard

Marketing Lead at Tiller. Writer. Spreadsheet nerd. Get in touch with partnership ideas at edward @ tillerhq.com.

Notable Replies

  1. HOLY MOLY!! This is fabulous. wow. Thank you!

  2. This is AWESOME!!! Thank you Tiller Team

  3. One of my favorite parts of my day is checking my daily Tiller email :blue_heart:

    I guess it would have to support manual accounts for Net Worth to be meaningful for me :thinking:

  4. I love the new ability to select accounts for inclusion in the daily email. And the addition of last refresh dates, even when the balance and transactions are excluded! :slight_smile:

    Thanks to the new configuration options I’ve removed accounts I don’t want in a (fairly insecure) daily email. That makes the new large and bold “Total Assets/Liabilities/Balances” sums of the subset of accounts that I’m comfortable getting in an email, not meaningful values to me. It’d be nice to not need to scroll past these to see recent transactions. How about only including a total when the balance of all accounts fetched by Tiller are displayed in the email?

  5. Very nice upgrade. I agree with @Mark.S that support for manual accounts is necessary to make Net Worth work for many people.

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