Say Hello and Learn How to Partner With Tiller at #FinCon18

#FinCon18 is energizing, inspiring, and informative. But we really love how FinCon facilitates great business partnerships and genuine friendships.
FinCon 2018

Updated: view our #FinCon18 page here.


#FinCon18 is almost here. We can’t wait.

Thousands of financial brands, experts, and influencers are about to descend on Orlando for #FinCon18. Four of Tiller’s team will be there, and we can’t wait to dive in.

FinCon is a large conference focused on helping financial influencers and brands refine their missions, build their platforms, and grow their audiences. It’s dedicated to “life-changing ideas of financial freedom and independence.”

As a rapidly-growing fintech company driven by a vision that “money matters because life matter more,” you can see why Tiller is right at home at FinCon.

Tiller at FinCon17 in Dallas, Texas. Old logo, old colors, same mission!


This is Tiller’s Third FinCon

We know FinCon is an energizing, inspiring, and informative event. But what we really love about FinCon is how it facilitates genuine friendships that go beyond simple business partnerships.

(Of course, like many attending FinCon, we’re also interested in partnerships – more on that below.)

At previous FinCon conferences, we befriended and partnered with rising voices in the personal finance community, like Andy Hill from Marriage Kids, and Money, or those with powerful established platforms like Joe Saul-Sehy from Stacking Benjamins and Jim Wang of Wallet Hacks.

And we met talented, experienced writers who’ve since published on, like Zina KamukBrynne Conroy, and Kelley Olinger.

We’re looking forward to catching up with these old friends. We’re also looking forward to meeting new friends, and hearing about their work, goals, and lives outside of personal finance. (We do have those, kinda.)

Look for Team Tiller

If you’re going to FinCon, keep an eye out for Team Tiller. Instead of a booth this year, we’ll be on foot, attending as many events as possible, as well as all the parties. (We also have a full page ad in the conference magazine.)

Look for us in our bright blue tee-shirts. Our team in Orlando will include Tiller’s founder, Peter Polson (he’s about nine feet tall, you can’t miss him), Heather Phillips, Krista Smith, and yours truly. (Photos & bios here.)

Please introduce yourself. We’re sincerely interested in meeting you, learning about your work, and exploring how we might partner.

Speaking Of – How Can We Partner?

There are multiple ways FinCon attendees might partner with Tiller:

  • Tiller’s founder Peter Polson is a dynamite and experienced podcast guest. Have him on your show!
  • We have a vibrant affiliate program for folks with personal finance platforms.
  • We pay for and publish personal finance essays on our blog. As you might guess, we’re most interested in content related to spreadsheets, but are open to other submissions as well.
  • We do a limited amount of advertising and underwriting for podcasts, blogs, and video content.
  • We love creative co-marketing and co-promotion opportunities. How can we leverage our platforms and dollars to team up?
  • We’re currently building a huge directory of personal finance resources, which we will promote heavily. For example, our post about our favorite personal finance podcasts is one of the top-ranked on Google. Make sure we know about your blog, podcast, video series, or other content so we can include it.
  • Later this year, we’re launching a program for financial advisors and money coaches who use Tiller.
  • Pitch us: want to try something new or something not included here? Share your idea! We’re eager to hear it.


If you want to set up a specific time to meet with me, Peter, or anyone else from Tiller attending, drop a line at We can get a drink, coffee, take a walk, or maybe all three.

See you in Orlando!

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