See You at SheetsCon 2020!

SheetsCon 2020

The team at Tiller Money is excited to join SheetsCon 2020, the world’s first online conference dedicated to Google Sheets.

It’s free to attend, completely online and will happen from March 11 – 12. 

The conference was created by Google Sheets expert Ben L. Collins

The vision of SheetsCon is to create an online experience that brings together thousands of Google Sheets users from diverse industries, to learn from experts, network with other professionals and be inspired by the magic of Google Sheets. 

In addition to sessions on the main stage (which will be like a series of webinars), there will be networking rooms and an online expo hall with sponsors.

Tiller Money will be at our virtual booth to answer questions, demo Tiller Money Feeds, and generally nerd out about a topic we absolutely love – Google Sheets. 

Learn more and sign up here →

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