Shannon Polson’s Grit Project on NBC’s “The Today Show”

Exciting news for the extended Tiller family: Tiller founder Peter Polson’s wife Shannon Polson was recently profiled by the Today Show for her work on The Grit Project.

The Grit Project profiles female trailblazers, with lessons and stories from female leaders.

The segment also covered Shannon’s childhood in Alaska, education, and especially her military service as one of the first women to pilot Apache helicopter missions in Bosnia and later in Korea.

You can read more about Shannon’s connection to Alaska in her book “North of Hope.

Watch the segment “How 1 Army veteran is building a community of female leaders” video embedded below:

When Shannon Polson was in the military, she defied the odds to become one of the first women to fly an Apache helicopter. Now, she’s inspiring others by sharing the lessons she’s learning and shining a light on other female trailblazers.

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