Share Your Winning Workflow, Win a Free Tiller Money Subscription

Share your Winning Workflow for tracking finances with spreadsheets powered by Tiller Money Feeds and win a free annual subscription. New winners picked monthly.

Winning Workflows

Our team at Tiller Money is inspired by your contributions to the Tiller Money Community.

As we watch the Community grow, we are amazed at the breadth of spreadsheet, workflow and finance insights. We are reminded each day of the abundant knowledge and lessons when we learn from one another to better manage our finances to better achieve our life goals.

The Tiller Labs team has seeded dozens of general-purpose solutions via the Tiller Labs add-on. We recognize, however, that there is an appetite for tools, templates, and workflows that extend far beyond what our team can conceive of. We witnessed this during the Builders Challenge last Fall.

Monthly Winning Workflow → Win a Free Year of Tiller Money

Starting this February 2020, we will recognize an exemplary solution shared in the Community at the end of each month. The author of each month’s recognized solution— or “winning workflow”— will win a free year of Tiller Money. If you’re in a trial, we will pay for your first year. If you already have an active subscription, we will extend it by one year.

We hope this recognition will inspire the creation of new spreadsheet-based solutions that empower people with greater understanding, confidence, and control of their financial lives.

We also hope this process will further showcase and recognize the creativity and skills of spreadsheet enthusiasts.

What We’re Looking For

Each month, the Tiller Money team will evaluate entries on quality, functionality, usefulness, ease-of-use, setup, documentation, and creativity. Specifically, we are looking for solutions that:

  • Empower people with greater understanding & control of their financial situation
  • Solve specific personal-finance riddles
  • Showcase what’s possible in a spreadsheet
  • Function reliably with clean design, code & documentation

How to Participate

  1. Get Tiller Money Feeds. If you don’t already have a Tiller Money account, sign up here. The service is completely free for the first 30 days.
  2. Explore Tiller’s Template Builder’s Reference 1.
  3. Build your template.
  4. Submit your solution as a new topic in the Share Your Solution 2 category.
  5. Tag your solution with #winning-workflow.
  6. Document your solution. Use your submission post to document your submission. Explain how it works, who its for, what other sheets are required, etc. (HereAreInstructiveExamples.)


  • Templates will be considered in the month they are initially submitted.
  • For consideration, your templates must be freely accessible to see, copy, and use by all community members for the month following their submission month. We’d prefer that you keep them available after the contest. 
  • The best way to share your template is with a direct view-only link to the spreadsheet in Google Drive with /template/preview at the end of the URL, in place of edit, as seen in this spreadsheet. (Consider using Tiller Labs Sheet Sanitizer to remove personal data before sharing.)
  • Though a Tiller Money Feeds subscription is not required, solutions must be compatible with Tiller Money Feeds core sheets for consideration.
  • Participants can enter multiple solutions within a given month.
  • You own your solution, even after you post it in the Tiller Money Community. Tiller Money will not own the rights to your project. We may ask permission to highlight your project in a gallery of templates compatible with Tiller Money.

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