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Smart Canvas to Bring New Functionality to Google Sheets

google sheets timeline view with smart canvas

Google’s annual I/O conference just wrapped up. As usual, there were several announcements of interest to users of Google Sheets and Tiller. 

The biggest Google Sheets news relates to the announcement of smart canvas. Google describes smart canvas as “a new product experience that delivers the next evolution of collaboration for Google Workspace.” 

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“For over a decade now, we’ve been pushing documents away from being just digital pieces of paper and toward collaborative, linked content inspired by the web. Smart canvas is our next big step.”

– Erika Trautman, Director, Google Workspace

Sheets, Docs, and Slides will all feature new interactive building blocks—smart chips, templates, and checklists— that will “connect people, content, and events into one seamless experience.”

New “smart chips” will make it easier to link your Sheets to people, files, tasks, and meetings, which you can then skim and preview without changing tabs or contexts.

(If you’ve used Notion, the idea of cross-linking documents is similar, with commentators saying
“Google has just turned its workspace suite into a Notion alternative.”)


What are your hopes for ways smart canvas and the other features mentioned above might improve your Google Sheets experience? Share your thoughts in the Community!

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