Available Spending Money Tracker for Google Sheets

The Spending Money report for Google Sheets simplifies budgeting and helps you understand exactly how much discretionary money you have to spend each month.

Spending Money Report Google Sheets

What is the Spending Money Sheet?

The Spending Money sheet aims to simplify budgeting. It helps you understand exactly how much discretionary money you have to spend without dipping into funds for fixed or obligatory expenses like rent and utilities.

You only add in the things you know you’ll have to pay for or want to have a cap on to make sure the money is set aside and available for those items.

Many folks who used the Level Money app will find this budgeting style familiar. We like it because it puts less pressure on new (or seasoned) budgeters to set and rigidly stick to a target.

Obligatory money is set aside, and there’s flexibility throughout the month about where the rest of your money goes.

Estimated Cash Flow

The sheet calculates your estimated cash flow (income – expenses) based on your estimated values. Keep in mind the cash flow estimate doesn’t factor in your actual spending so this is also an indication of how much money you’ll have leftover to spend based on your estimated income and fixed/tracked expenses.

Discretionary Spending

This is the total amount of spending for categories that do not have estimates in the Spending Money sheet based on actuals from your Transactions sheet. If this value is less than your estimated cash flow amount above it, you’re doing great. To stay on track and within your estimates, make sure this value is always lower than the estimated cash flow.

Uncategorized Transactions

This is the sum of the amounts for transactions that are not categories on your Transactions sheet.

Estimated available spending money

You can use the dropdown menu to change the time interval to give you a daily, weekly, or monthly estimate of your available spending money for the current calendar month.

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