Spending on Things That Bring Joy Can Sometimes Save Money in the Long Run

Recently I’ve noticed how spending money on things that bring me and my family joy sometimes saves money in the long run.

Recently I’ve noticed how spending money on things that bring me and my family joy sometimes saves money in the long run. 

A recent example is the cold brew coffee maker my fiance recently purchased, over my strong objections.

It’s not that I don’t like cold brew coffee. Just the opposite. I go to bed dreaming of the coffee I’ll drink in the morning. But I had never found a way to make cold brew as consistently delicious as the coffee shop just down the street. 

The cold brew maker was just $29, so it wasn’t expensive. But I didn’t want to feel guilty about wasting money and natural resources on yet another unused kitchen gadget. (Cough, pasta maker, cough.)

As it turned out, however, the cold brew maker is amazing. We always have coffee brewing in it. Any extra goes into a sealed mason jar (but not for long). The coffee is delicious.

In the past seven weeks since we purchased the coffee maker, I’ve spent $104 on coffee beans. So along with the coffee maker, I’ve spent $133 on my ice coffee habit this summer.

During the same period last year, my Tiller Money spreadsheet shows I spent $238.43 on coffee out.

So I’ve spent $105 less on something I’m enjoying much more. 

Now, I do worry about my beloved local coffee shop. Like many businesses, it’s a shadow of its pre-pandemic self. But we’re still buying beans there, at least. 

I can think of several recent purchases that have both brought me joy and ultimately saved money. (A subscription to Tiller Money could be one of those, hint hint.) 

What about you? Have you made any purchases that both brought you joy and saved you money? 

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PS – The cold brew maker mentioned above is the “Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker with Airtight Seal & Silicone Handle, 2 Quart.” I don’t have any relationship with the company, just love the product. 

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