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Meet the Judges of the 2019 Spreadsheet Builders Challenge

Spreadsheet Builder Challenge

Last week we announced the 2019 Spreadsheet Builders Challenge.

The Challenge invites spreadsheet enthusiasts to win up to $1500 by creating impactful personal finance solutions based in Google Sheets and powered by Tiller Money Feeds.

As noted in the original launch announcement, spreadsheets are one of the most powerful and accessible tools for solving problems. And the #1 stressful problem for most people is money and finances.

However, a blank spreadsheet is a daunting place to begin. The 2019 Builders Challenge aims to generate dozens of spreadsheets that will help people solve their financial challenges.

Meet the Judges of the 2019 Spreadsheet Builders Challenge

This week we are pleased to announce our panel of expert judges, who together will select the winner of the $1000 Judges Award.

Each is a well-recognized expert in their field, and together they have helped tens of thousands of people better understand and control their financial lives.

Enter the Challenge

Learn more about how to enter the Spreadsheet Builder Challenge in the Tiller Money Community. We can’t wait to see what you build!

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