Gift Guide for Spreadsheet Nerds

Here are a few of our favorite gift ideas for the true spreadsheet nerd in your life. In other words, these are all gifts we want for ourselves.

Here are a few of our favorite gift ideas for the true spreadsheet nerd in your life. In other words, these are all gifts we want to buy for ourselves.

Spreadsheet Hat from Pretend Store

spreadsheet hat

“Hello friends of the SUMIF and pivot table realm of being. You are loved and celebrated. Without you we are aimless puddles of goo. You give us order and direction. We cherish you.”

$28, Pretend Store

Spreadsheet Shortcut Mug

spreadsheet shortcuts mug

This is great for the fledgling spreadsheet nerd in your life – the more advanced spreadsheet geeks probably already know these. (Though you never know.)

“Sip your way through the mysteries of spreadsheet functions and formulas with this code-covered cup.”

$12, Uncommon Goods

I Heart Spreadsheets Mug

spreadsheet mug

To be fair, I prefer this simpler “I Heart Spreadsheets” mug, but it doesn’t have Amazon Prime. This mug linked below will ship in one day and it’s still pretty nifty.

$14.99, Amazon

Spreadsheet Shirt

I Heart Spreadsheets Shirt

Available in a range of colors, this shirt will empower your dad to embarrass your mom while flaunting his skills.

$15.99, Amazon

Ben Collins Google Sheet Courses

Ben Collins Online COurse

Google Sheets expert Ben Collins has a number of fantastic Google Sheets courses. If your dad wants to achieve Yoda-like spreadsheet skills, sign him up here. Best yet, many of these courses are free.

Tiller Subscription

householdbudgettemplate 7de0d0a8c906f10dca4c4c7f332788d3 800

Your favorite spreadsheet nerd already uses Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel to manage their money. So why not supercharge their spreadsheets with an annual subscription to Tiller, featuring:

  • The only automated daily feed of financial transactions into Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. By eliminating multiple account logins and manual data entry, your favorite spreadsheet nerd can seamlessly access their bank data and spend more time happily immersed in their spreadsheets.
  • Foundation Template, which they can easily customize and upgrade to their heart’s content.
  • Daily email summarizing all their latest transaction, account activity, and balances
  • Tiller Community Solutions templates –  like Legos for spreadsheet nerds who love to play with their financial data

$79, TillerHQ.com

Bonus: 49-inch Samsung Odyssey G9 Monitor

samsung 49 inch

Surround-screen spreadsheets. Run Google Sheets, Excel, Coda, Apple Numbers, Zoho Sheets, all at the same time on the same screen. An immersive visual field of columns and rows.

$1399.99, Amazon

Edward Shepard

Edward Shepard

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