Spreadsheets of the Week: Compare 19,000 Salaries in Google Sheets + Get a Free Daily Happiness Tracker

Spreadsheets of the Week: compare 19,000+ salaries in Google Sheets, and check out a free daily happiness tracker.

We’re trying a new experiment by rounding up a few of the most useful, inspiring, and just-plain-cool spreadsheets we’ve seen this week.

Compare 19,000+ Salaries in an Giant Google Spreadsheet

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In 2014 and 2017, Alison Green asked readers of her site Ask A Manager to anonymously share their job title, location, and compensation.

The 2019 version of this salary survey has now gone viral. Over 19,000 people have responded, with more responding each day.

All that data is freely and publicly accessible in this massive public Google Sheet.

Even though this salary data is anonymous, it’s likely more accurate than salaries posted on websites that require payment or logins, like Glassdoor.

The data is also more granular, since it can be sorted by industry, geography, and experience level.

See the spreadsheet here. Add your salary here. (I added mine.)

Read more in this Quartz article about the salary spreadsheet, as well as the concept of “Google-doc activism,” “where sensitive information is shared via anonymous spreadsheets. “

Happiness Tracker Spreadsheet

Hugo is an engineer from the Netherlands. He has applied his engineering mind to rigorously tracking and quantifying his happiness:

“I’ve done this for more than 5 years now and have learned a LOT in the process. This is the goal of keeping a happiness journal. It allows me to steer my life in the best direction possible!”

The Happiness Project

In 2018, he started tracking his happiness in a journal based in Google Sheets. As you might expect, Hugo has a whole system that can provide revealing insight.

For example, he analyzed over 150 weeks of personal data “to answer one of the most frequently asked questions of all time: can money buy happiness?” See what he learned here.

His Google spreadsheet is pretty cool. Sign up to get a free copy of the spreadsheet on his blog.

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