Survey: Tracking Your Savings Goals with Tiller

Here is your chance to leave feedback as Tiller builds a new spreadsheet workflow to easily track savings goals.

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A few weeks ago we sent out a quick survey to help guide the development of an updated debt payoff workflow for Tiller-powered spreadsheets. Thank you to all who participated!

We are also about to build a new workflow that makes it easier for you to track savings goals with Tiller. This includes everything from your emergency fund, retirement, holiday gifts, or even just saving for a fun vacation.

We would appreciate your feedback as we set out to build this new savings workflow via a quick 3-minute survey in a brief Google form.

From the responses, we will choose five winners for a Tiller tee shirt or hat – your choice!

This survey is anonymous

You don’t need to leave an email address to participate in this survey. However, to qualify for the drawing, or participate in our live roundtable discussion, you will need to leave an email address where we can contact you.

Your input could help you and thousands of others reach savings goals with confidence

The survey only takes a couple of minutes, but its impact will be significant. We are committed to helping people manage their savings along with their other financial goals, because as we always say money matters because life matters more.

Take the quick survey in a Google Form right here.

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  1. Avatar for jmweir jmweir says:

    I did the survey but have to ask if you are working on this for excel. I don’t trust google with my data and only started using you because of the roll out with Excel. I’m halfway through the trial and am on the fence because the features I like are only available in google sheets.

  2. Hi @jmweir,

    Our goal is to offer this for both Google Sheets and Excel, yes. I can’t say that the rollout will be at the same time though as we have to build completely separately for both platforms.

  3. @alan.dunwell can you share more about your question here? What do you mean by “outlets”?

  4. Thanks to everyone who completed our survey! We have contacted our five winners today.

    Feel free to complete the survey to share feedback, but the prize period is now closed.

  5. Avatar for Lieder Lieder says:

    @heather I can’t remember if I shared this in my survey or not. Ya’ll might already be thinking about something like this. Was just looking at the Savings and Debt sheet again, thinking about how I’m going to be tracking some savings goals. That solution requires you to create a Category for each savings goal, it would be nice if the new solution allows savings goals to be created within a single category, this way we don’t have to create, fund, use and retire categories (keeping them, but never deleting them). I’ve been looking at @jpfieber Budget Plan worksheet which allows you to add multiple items under the same category and they all roll up to single category on the Category budget sheet. If the new savings goal solution could mimic this behavior in some way, but include the Savings & Debt features as well, this would be fantastic! Oh yeah, and let me know when you need some beta testing for Google Sheets!

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