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The Debt Snowball Payoff Method

Eliminating debt with the debt snowball method frees you to spend your money the way you see fit. It opens up the possibility of saving and investing so you can be financially prepared in an unpredictable world.

How I Tackled $77,000 of Debt in Only 22 Months

My consumer debt totaled $77,000. Interest alone cost $660 per month. I felt fear, shame, frustration, and exhaustion. But in less than two years, with razor focus (and a budget and second job) I paid my debt in full. My goal wasn’t just debt freedom: it was the vision of an incredible life.

6 Behavior Hacks to Help You Defeat Debt

Good news: your circumstance and personality don’t need dictate your financial success. Wealth isn’t a result of dumb luck; it’s the result of learning, tracking, and adjusting behaviors.