Tiller Money Blog

April 2, 2017

Benefits of the Credit Cards in Your Wallet

While using credit cards isn't the best idea if you don't have your spending tuned in, if you have control of your spending your credit cards can work for you. Peter shares which credit cards he keeps in his wallet. 

March 26, 2017

Money Goals and the Real Cost of That Next $100 Purchase

After his dog destroyed his favorite sweater, Peter begins to reflect on the opportunity cost of that $100 spent to replace it. He shares some insights about how to think about opportunity cost so you can make your money work toward your #1 goal.

March 18, 2017

How Much Do I Need for Retirement?

Peter shares a simple but powerful formula for knowing how much to save to retire, and how much you can safely withdraw before you do, so you’re all set when you don’t need to work anymore. 

November 28, 2016

The Least Expensive Financial Advisor Around

We all want to bury our head in the sand when it comes to our finances at some point in life. That’s totally understandable and okay, but achieving our goals and living our dreams means we have to pay attention.