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  • Year-to-Date Comparison Template for Microsoft Excel

    The Year-to-Date Comparison Sheet for Microsoft Excel provides budget versus actual analysis for the year-to-date period. The sheet is very simple and easy to use. It works for the current year.

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    Bill Payment Tracker Spreadsheet

    About the Bill Payment Tracker Spreadsheet The Bill Payment Tracker Spreadsheet is designed to keep you informed about your upcoming bill payments. Benefits of using this sheet include: Easy setup See a chronological list of your next 15 bills to be paid Easily confirm which bills have been already paid See a detailed bill history…

  • spending money spreadsheet works with tiller money

    Available Spending Money Report for Google Sheets

    The Spending Money sheet aims to simplify budgeting and help you see how much money you have available to spend.

  • account filter works with tiller money

    Account Filter Utility for Google Sheets

    The Account Filter sheet is useful if you want to review the transactions of any single account linked to your Tiller-powered spreadsheet.

  • profit and loss report for google sheets works with tiller money

    Profit and Loss Report for Google Sheets

    Easily generate a profit and loss report in your Tiller-powered Google spreadsheets.

  • category rollup report for google sheets

    Category Rollup Report for Google Sheets

    The Category Rollup report organizes your financial data based on your configuration settings.

  • yearly cateogry chart spreadsheet

    Yearly Category Chart

    See a chart of your actual vs budget for a single category over the course of a year.

  • period comparison spreadsheet

    Period Comparison Spreadsheet

    The Period Comparison template allows you to compare budgets, actuals, and budget-net-actuals over two user-defined periods with sorting and sparkline functionality.

  • average daily spending trends spreadsheet

    Average Daily Spending Trends Spreadsheet

    Quickly visualize your daily average spending trends in a Tiller-powered Google Sheet, so you can optimize your budget for long-term success.

  • Projected Balances Sheet

    See an estimate of your daily projected balances based on fixed recurring monthly and yearly income and expenses.

  • retirement planner

    Retirement Planning Spreadsheet

    The powerful Retirement Planner Spreadsheet estimates the total value of your investments into the future. You can experiment with different growth rate scenarios and project outcomes in real-time.

  • bank statement reconciliation sheet

    Bank Statement Reconciliation Spreadsheet

    A Google Sheet template designed to assist in bank-statement reconciliation.

  • year to date comparison for google sheets

    Year-to-Date Comparison Report for Google Sheets

    The Year to Date Comparison Spreadsheet provides an analysis of your planned budget versus actuals for the year-to-date period.

  • yearly insights sheet works with tiller money

    Yearly Insights Spreadsheet

    The Yearly Insights sheet allows you to see a summary of the previous year’s or current year-to-date earnings and spending, plus information about where you spent your money.

  • monthly spending analysis sheet

    Monthly Analysis Spreadsheet

    Use this Monthly Analysis sheet with your Tiller Foundation Template to drill down and visualize your budget, actuals, or remaining organized by type, group, and category and get a comparative analysis of how your budget and spending have changed over time.

  • transaction comparison

    Transaction Comparison Spreadsheet

    Compare transactions from one period against transactions from another period. You can specify two time periods and an optional Category and/or Tag to filter by.