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About the Category Schedule Template

The Category Schedule by Brad Warren allows you to plan, list, and track the specific items of a budget category, roll up monthly totals, and dynamically link the plans to drive your budget on the Category sheet.

The solution is a brainstorming/planning tool. Consider which of your categories have specific events, costs, or activities for which you’d like to make a budget plan.

A helpful formula allows you to link the resulting budget allowances into your categories sheet budget.

Notable Replies

  1. Very nice! This actually helps fill a need I was realizing I have as I tried to get deeper into budgeting. Just started playing with it, and my first question is about Tags. What roll do they play? If I don’t assign tags to transactions, what will I be missing, or if I do, what do I gain? Also, I’m already using tags, but apparently in a different way, and didn’t actually have a Tags sheet. Unless I’m the outlier case, you might have to go more into having that as a prerequisite (I’m guessing yours acts as a source for data validation on the Tags column on the Transactions sheet).

  2. You’re on it, @jpfieber! I was not sure if Tags are something many people use (I do). For some it adds an additional level of categorization and reporting.

    Not using the Tags will not diminish the core purpose of the Category Schedule because, at its heart, it provides a roll-up to the Categories.

    But for those who wish to plan and monitor their activity associated with a schedule category element, the tags create a short-hand method to use in the Transaction sheet. (And this drives the hidden reporting too, too.)

    Thanks for your kind words, and great catch on the idea that we should add the presence of a Tags sheet as a prerequisite for those who wish to use them.


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