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About the Projected Balances Sheet

Curious what the balance of your bank accounts might be on any given day of the month? We’ve built a simple sheet to give you an estimate. Here we share the steps to get this Projected Balances Google Sheet up and running in your Tiller spreadsheets.

The Projected Balance sheet is somewhat manually driven. It’s not dynamically pulling data from your automated balances or transactions and it doesn’t factor in your existing budget amounts.

If you copy it into a Tiller spreadsheet it will pull in your custom categories from your Categories sheet if you have one, but that is the only linked data from other sheets in your Tiller Money spreadsheet.

It’s meant to give you an estimate of your daily projected balance based on fixed recurring monthly and yearly income and expenses.

It’s simply a tool to help guide you, but be aware that other discretionary variable expenses or surprise income throughout the month that aren’t accounted for in this sheet will affect your daily projected balance.

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  1. Avatar for CSH CSH says:

    I have transactions in the same category that occur more than once a month - for example, payments for category student loan occur on the 1st and 20th - but it would be helpful to be able to identify the account and/or add a note to this sheet in order to track where the recurring payment is going. Is it possible to add an accounts selection column and/or a notes column in this sheet?

  2. Hi @CSH,

    I think you could add multiple of the same category and specify a different date for the second instance, per your example with student loans. Just create two entries for Student Loans.

    As for adding notes, I wouldn’t insert any extra columns there as I think it would break the sheet’s formulas, though @jono would know best.


  3. Avatar for jono jono says:

    Hi @CSH,
    @Heather is correct that adding extra columns sometimes breaks the sheet formulas.

    But I noticed in the Projected Balance sheet, Column D is blank and just used as a spacer column. If you wanted, you could put Notes or Account info into Column D, right next to your monthly recurring transactions. You should also make that column a big wider so you can better see what you enter there.

    Any information in that column would not impact the Projected Balances results.

    Would that solution work for you?

  4. Avatar for CSH CSH says:

    Hi there -

    Thanks for getting back to me! I ended up creating a new sheet using a simple google template for the running balance and then added on tiller labs to import the sheets I need from tiller. I will post a copy without data so you can see what I did.

  5. Avatar for jono jono says:

    I’m glad you were able to figure out a better solution.
    Please share it so others might benefit as well.

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