Retirement Planning Spreadsheet for Google Sheets

The powerful Retirement Planner for Google Sheets estimates the total value of your investments into the future. You can experiment with different growth rate scenarios and project outcomes in real-time.

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About the Retirement Planning Spreadsheet

The powerful Retirement Planner for Google Sheets estimates the total value of your investments into the future. You can experiment with different growth rate scenarios and project outcomes in real-time.

Benefits of the Retirement Planning Spreadsheet:

  • Quick & easy setup (only a handful of inputs are required)
  • Presents forecast by year in both chart and table formats
  • Projects when you will reach your Portfolio Goal
  • Responsive scenario planning with instantaneous updates to plan changes
  • Renders multiple growth rate scenarios
  • Integrates with your existing account balances and Cash Flow Forecast
  • Can model changing risk profile
  • The sheet makes many compounding assumptions about the future— listed in the Tiller Money Community — and thereby should only be used as a directional model.

The Retirement Planner solution works well in combination with the Cash Flow Forecast sheet. Any expected future income or expenses (e.g. college expenses for a child, a home or car purchase, etc) should first be entered on the Cash Flow Forecast sheet.

The Retirement Planner uses your cash flow information from the Cash Flow Forecast sheet, then adds Investments totals, Investment Growth, Withdrawal rates, and Transfers/Adjustments to the forecast.

Retirement planning is a very complex & personal task with individuals each bringing a unique set of goals, inputs, and expectations. We have tried to build a solution that leverages your existing Tiller information and provides best-effort future retirement guidance.

The sheet is flexible so you can add your own basic adjustments and options.

Notable Replies

  1. Avatar for Blake Blake says:


    I think you nailed it. I think you have a nice and awesome template here. The flow is simple. It is real easy to follow. It is really intuitive. It can be used with or without cash flow. That switch at the top of column S is slick. Nice language in the instructions about how to create a blended rate to handle that issue. Need to mention to users not to delete any rows or columns. Looks like you use 30 years but I guess I see that hidden section which allows that to be modified, is that right? What if you what/need more rows between 25-49 and rows 52-79. You need more because I suspect users will demand more than you have provided here today.

    I suspect this will be more than enough to satisfy most users. Of course there will users like me who will want more. You have already done a good job explaining this in the instructions but you might be more aggressive and say…while this is version 1 and there may be future versions, we have gone about as far as we can and if you do not like, tough.

    I have used it enough this evening to know it inside and out. I did not notice any bugs.

    For me, I need to stay with and use the software that I currently use, as we have already discussed. It has so much more horsepower that Tiller cannot ever match, but that is okay. Tiller has limitations based on what they have to work with, as we previously discussed. Based on what you have to work with, this is a solid template and Tiller has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Really, it is something Tiller should be proud of. I am proud of it. I am sure you are proud of it too and you should be.

    Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.



  2. Avatar for jono jono says:

    Thanks for your detailed feedback here and for all the extra time and help you provided during the development to make this template better. Your input helped us cross the finish line on publishing the sheet.

    I’ll add a mention about not deleting rows or columns.

    Yes, the hidden part lets you customize the number of years if you are not using the Cash Flow sheet. If you are using the Cash Flow sheet, the number of years is set there and then matched on the Retirement Planner sheet.

    You raise a good point about what if more assets are needed. I tried to provide enough for most users. Just adding rows won’t work unless some formulas are added. I added some instructions on how to get more rows for assets without breaking the sheet.

    I’m glad you put it to the test and didn’t find any bugs.

    This is the first version of it and if we get more feedback, we will try to keep making it better.
    But it can’t really compete with some other 3rd party products that have their entire focus built around a retirement planner. There is also a limit (a high limit but still a limit) on what can be achieved using just formulas in a Google Sheet compared to a backend fully scriptable website.

    Thanks again,

  3. Avatar for jono jono says:

    We recently made two improvements to the Retirement Planner template.

    Use the Tiller Community Solutions add-on to update your Retirement sheet to take advantage of these updates.

    In the latest Version 1.02, the yearly formulas for all 3 scenarios (main, upper, lower) have been updated so that if you start a year with a negative Investment Total, your Investment Gain that year will be zero. Before, it calculated a negative gain based on the growth rate, which didn’t make sense.

    In Version 1.01, the Age column was fixed so no Ages will be shown if your Birth Year is not set.


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Template FAQ

This is a free template built by a member of the Tiller Community. While it’s free for anyone to use, it’s designed for spreadsheets automated by Tiller. Additionally, it’s recommended for use within the Foundation Template.

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