Ryan Firth, Mercer Street Personal Financial Services


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About Ryan Firth

I’m a CPA financial planner who works based on time (i.e., hourly). I can do project work, but I find that the real value for clients and me is in financial planning that is ongoing. I focus on tax planning for business owners (including self-employed), expats, and families with college-bound children.

I provide comprehensive financial planning and ongoing wealth management. Initial planning work is done on an hourly basis, with ongoing wealth management available to clients with over $1 million in assets.

I have been serving clients as a financial advisor since 1997, and specialize in the uniquely complex needs of physicians and similar high-income professional families, particularly those going through divorce and rebuilding thereafter. We serve clients throughout the United States from our offices in Indianapolis and Cincinnati.

Do you use Tiller? 


How does Tiller fit into your professional practice?

I recommend Tiller to clients who are looking for a cash flow/budgeting tool and are comfortable using spreadsheets.