How Do I Budget

How Do I Budget Template by Derek Olsen

We’ve teamed up with Derek Olson from How Do I Money to create a simple but powerful spreadsheet budget template. The template includes a monthly budget sheet, debt snowball calculator to help you pay down debt, goal tracker to help you save up for those big purchases and a net worth sheet.

Plus, because it’s built with Tiller, you get an automatic daily feed of your bank data into your Transactions sheet. WOW! That’s a lot of horsepower!

Free how-to-video series by Derek

Video 1 – Create a new Tiller account, link your bank, create your first Google Budget Sheet

Video 2 – Overview of the tabs on your new monthly budget Google Sheet

Video 3 – Category set up and Transactions tab

Video 4 – Monthly budget!!

Video 5 – Debt snowball

Video 6 – Savings goals tab

Video 7 – Net worth tracker

Video 8 – How to transition into a new month