7 Ways Tiller Money is the Best Tool for Tracking Spending in a Spreadsheet

Stay on top of spending and gain control of your finances with a Tiller Money spreadsheet - the easiest tool for tracking expenses in Google Sheets and Excel.

Personal finance editor Libby Kane once wrote “The best first step you can take to improve your finances is to track your spending.”

Tracking spending is key to feeling in control of your financial life, spending less money, and making realistic budgets.

It ’s the foundation of financial awareness and health. And Tiller Money is the best personal finance tool for the job.

No other tool provides better:

  • Visibility into your actual daily spending
  • Ease of use
  • Options for customization and control
  • Extensibility for adding new charts, reports, and templates 
  • Collaboration options

Here are seven reasons Tiller Money is the best tool for tracking your spending and personal finances.

1. Tiller Money combines the power of spreadsheets and the convenience of automation.

Only Tiller Money automatically imports your daily spending into spreadsheets. 

Easily track your spending in one place, with one login, anywhere you access Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Tiller Money works by securely connecting your banks, credit cards, loans, and other finances to your spreadsheets. Tiller then automatically updates your spreadsheets with your latest finances each day.

No more manual data entry. No more CSV files. Just fast and easy financial tracking.

2. Tiller Money spreadsheets are as simple or advanced as needed. 

Google Spreadsheet

Out of the box,  you can use Tiller as a simple automated ledger. It will import your daily transactions and list them in neat, organized columns, ready for filing into chosen categories.

It’s also easy to connect your Tiller-powered spreadsheet to other templates, including those for budgeting, paying down debt, tracking net worth, and more.

For most people, the Foundation Template for Google Sheets is the best place to get started. It includes tools for tracking spending, along with monthly and yearly budgets, a simple net worth tracker, and a dashboard of quick insights about your spending trends.

But you can also build your own highly customized personal finance dashboard powered by Tiller Money feeds.

It‘s up to you – with Tiller Money, you can track your finances your way.

3. You can choose manual or automatic categorization. 

Some people prefer to manually categorize their spending. A hands-on approach gives them confidence about where their money is going, and it usually only takes a few minutes to categorize an entire week of expenses.

Others prefer automatic categorization, at least for certain repeating expenses.

With Tiller Money, you can choose either (or both) approaches. AutoCat for Google Sheets can automatically categorize income and expense transactions based on your custom rules. Or you can manually categorize expenses as easily as clicking on a spreadsheet cell.

4. You’ll never overlook or forget a transaction again.

Tiller Money is more accurate than static spreadsheets. That’s because it imports data directly from over 20,000 financial institutions.

With a Tiller subscription, you don’t have to deal with typing in your latest transactions, keeping receipts, or remembering random purchases throughout the day.

Tiller keeps your finances up-to-date so you can track everything in one place with one login, anywhere you access Google Sheets or Excel. 

(You can even track cash spending with Tiller Money and Google Forms.)

5. Tiller Money is the most customizable automated personal finance tool.

Woman Counch Computer

That’s because Tiller Money is based in spreadsheets, which give you far more customization options than any app.

Indeed, you can customize almost everything in spreadsheets. Add your own spending and income categories, set custom time periods, and choose how you visualize spending.

You can even chose your own fonts, colors, emoji, and more.

6. Do more with free prebuilt templates, workflows, and reports.

You can easily extend your Tiller-powered spending tracker spreadsheet with thousands of free templates and workflows for Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.

Tiller Labs Add-on for Google Sheets

The free Tiller Labs Add-on for Google Sheets includes dozens of free reports and workflows ready to add to your spreadsheet.

For example, you might choose to add a Category Tracker Report, or drill down with a Weekly Spending Analysis Report, or look back with a Yearly Cash Flow Report.

You can even track your Amazon purchases on a line-item basis with Tiller Money.

7. Fast, easy, transparent collaboration.

Financial Partner2
Accountability Partner

It‘s easy to share access and collaboration rights to your Google spreadsheet. And it’s just as easy to rescind access at any time.

You and your spouse or partner can connect your individual or shared financial accounts to a Tiller-powered sheet and both track expenses together.

Or you can share your sheet with a financial planner, bookkeeper, or accountant so they can help you reach your financial goals.

Tiller Money puts your security and privacy first. 

Tiller Money is secure. Your data is protected with bank-grade 256-bit AES encryption. Tiller Money does not see or store your bank credentials. Tiller supports 2-step verification.

Tiller Money is private. Tiller never mines or sells your information, and never shows ads based on your financial profile.  Tiller is 100% advertisement free. Your subscription funds Tiller, not your data.

No person on the Tiller team will see your private transaction data, or your Google Sheet, unless you specifically choose to share your data.

Tiller Money Security Promise →

Track Your Spending Challenge – Try Tiller Free for 30 Days

It’s easy to see if Tiller Money is the right tool to help you track your spending.

  • Try Tiller Money completely free for 30 days. (That’s enough time to cover a typical spending challenge.)
  • Tiller will import and organize your past few months of transactions.
  • It will also auto-update your spreadsheets each day. 
  • It takes just a minute to sign up.
  • Your card isn’t charged until the end of your free trial.
  • Easily cancel anytime.
  • Any data imported by Tiller will remain in your spreadsheets, and you keep any templates you’ve installed.

If you already use a spreadsheet to track spending, Tiller Money is a no-brainer. If you’re new to spreadsheets, you might be surprised how much insight they provide into your financial habits and trends. 

“The best first step you can take to improve your finances is to track your spending.”

Libby Kane, Deputy Editor, Personal Finance, Business Insider
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