The Debt Snowball Spreadsheet

A powerful and accessible Google Sheets template to help you target and pay off any kind of personal debt. Includes a special sheet to help you budget for debt plus free email course to help you make progress over time. 


The most powerful tool for understanding your debt and taking informed action to eliminate it forever.

Regardless of what they earn, millions of people are dealing with debt. It can be a minor nuisance, but it can also cause major stress. 

The good news is that debt is a solvable problem. With commitment and the Debt Snowball Spreadsheet, you can eliminate your debt and the stress and expensive finance fees that go with it.  

The Only System of Its Kind

Like all of our powerful financial templates, the Debt Snowball Spreadsheet is built on a massively customized Google Sheets experience.

Many hours of development and testing went into designing a dynamic tool that's powerful, yet highly customizable for your exact debt situation. 

Based on Your Actual Data, Updated Daily

Unlike simple calculators or a static spreadsheet, the Tiller Debt Snowball Spreadsheet runs off your real, current bank balances and financial data.

It's the only automated feed of your daily bank balances and financial data synced into a spreadsheet. No manual uploading, tedious cutting-and-pasting, or second-guesses. 

  • Make real-time debt-payment decisions based on your current balances.
  • See everything on one screen at a glance. All your accounts imported and synced in one place.
  • Make informed and savvy decisions about how much you should pay and when, always based on your actual current financial data. 

Test and Customize the Best Scenario For You

  • Much more than a dashboard - it's a modeling tool, based on your real, up-to-date financial data at the click of a button.
  • Includes formulas for leading debt-reduction strategies, including the popular snowball and avalanche methods.
  • See clear visualizations of payoff progress.
  • Add and track any kind of debt, including debt to family and friends.   

Tools to Keep You Motivated Over the Long Haul

  • Easy collaboration. Grant access to your Debt Snowball Spreadsheet to a spouse or financial planner to help out or follow along. Instantly revoke at any time. 
  • Stay inspired as you understand how soon you'll be free of debt.
  • Stay motivated with the included free weekly email with behavioral guidance to keep you on course.  

The Best Time is Now

When you sign up for the Debt Snowball Spreadsheet, you’ll also get access to a weekly email program based on behavioral science to help keep you on track with your goals. Together, the Spreadsheet and the email program are designed to help you succeed over the long haul.

Launching January 8, 2018

The Debt Snowball Spreadsheet launches January 1, 2018 with a $5 monthly subscription.

For exclusive updates and a chance for early access, sign up now. You'll also get free-forever access to the weekly debt reduction email program.

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