The Lights Spreadsheet

Track and improve your most important habits in Google Sheets with the powerful Lights Spreadsheet from Ultraworking.

The Lights Spreadsheet idea has been one of the most useful things I have done in my life. I’ve been running on it uninterruptedly for exactly two years this month and it’s helped/helping me build better habits, drop bad ones and track how other things in my life are going.

James K., November 2017
The Lights Spreadsheet

What Is the Lights Spreadsheet?

“A Lights Spreadsheet is a powerful tool to help ensure your most important habits happen every single day.”

People use the Lights Spreadsheet for greater motivation, consistency, control, ability to analyze, and just staying on track with having a more productive and healthier life.

How to Use It

  1. Set your start date.
  2. Edit your daily targets in the first column of the “Week 1” sheet. (Note, “Week 1” targets are automatically copied to later weeks.)
  3. Rows starting with a bracket “[” are headers and will not count towards your totals.
  4. Bookmark your sheet.
  5. Set a calendar reminder. (Read How to Send an Automatic Email Reminder from a Google Spreadsheet)
  6. Come up with a plan to ensure that you check your Lights at least twice per day.

Who Made It

A company called Ultraworking built this template. They are an “R&D-heavy technology company” dedicated to “making work better.” They believe the “nature of work” is one of the biggest known challenges in the 21st Century – and they intend to help fix it.

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Where to Get It

The best way to get a free copy of the Lights Spreadsheet is to request it from Ultraworking.com/lights. Sign up there to get an email with best practices.

You can also open a copy in Google Sheets here.

When you open the spreadsheet as a copy, you’ll need to click “Make a copy” to add the file to your Google Drive. You can then see and edit the spreadsheet.

Open a Copy

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