Browse the 27 Free Google Sheets Templates Included in Drive

Every Google account includes 27 free Google Sheets templates. Here are links and screenshots of each, so you can easily browse them in one place.

Your Google Drive account includes 27 free Google Sheets templates. You can find these templates by opening a new Google Sheet, then clicking File > New > From template.

The 27 free Google spreadsheet templates are:

  1. Invoice
  2. Weekly Time Sheet
  3. Financial Statements by Xero
  4. Annual Business Budget by Quickbooks
  5. Expense Report
  6. Purchase Order 
  7. Employee Shift Schedule
  8. CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  9. Website Paid Traffic by Supermetrics
  10. Website Traffic Dashboard 
  11. Gantt Chart Template
  12. Project Timeline
  13. Project Tracking
  14. Event Marketing Timeline
  15. To-do list
  16. Annual Budget Tracker
  17. Monthly Personal Budget
  18. 2019 Calendar
  19. 2018 Calendar 
  20. Schedule
  21. Travel Planner
  22. Wedding Planner
  23. Team Roster
  24. Pros and Cons
  25. Attendance
  26. Grade Book
  27. Assignment Tracker

Note: all the spreadsheets linked here open in view mode. To switch to edit mode, click “File > Make a Copy”

A Simple Way to Browse the Google Sheets Templates Free in Drive

Find Google Sheets Templates in Drive
Find Google Sheets Templates in Drive

It’s easy to find the free spreadsheet templates directly in Google Drive by opening Sheets, then clicking File > New > From template.

But people often forget this step. So we gathered links to each spreadsheet along with a screenshot of each template, seen below.

Google Sheets Templates Screenshots

Assignment Tracker

Assignment Tracker Google Sheets Template
Tiller Money

Tiller Money

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