Easily Track Your Subscription Spending With This Free Spreadsheet

Here is a free workflow for Tiller-powered spreadsheets that reveals what you've spent on subscriptions in 3 quick clicks.

As society increasingly moves to a subscription model of ownership product access, it’s becoming more difficult to accurately understand what we’re truly spending on all these recurring payments.

For example, I’m now paying $20 more per month on a basket of Apple TV subscriptions than I was for basic cable. (Though I much prefer the experience and programing choices via Apple TV, other than the annoying MLB blackout policy. Go Red Sox.)

There are several apps and services that promise to help you monitor subscriptions.

However, I prefer to track my subscriptions in a simple spreadsheet owned by me. Because Tiller already keeps all my spending updated in Google Sheets, there were already several easy, spreadsheet-savvy ways to track my subscriptions.

But the new Recurring Expenses Tiller Community solution by Adam Becker is the fastest, cleanest way yet to see what I’ve spent on subscriptions.

3 steps to seeing your subscription totals in a Tiller-powered spreadsheet

track subscription in spreadsheet
Recurring Expenses sheet detail

Note: This is a workflow for Google spreadsheets powered by Tiller. If you don’t currently use Tiller, you can sign up for the free trial, import several months of financial data, then cancel before you’re charged within 30 days.

The Recurring Expenses workflow is installed in Google Sheets via the free Tiller Community Solutions extension.

Once you’ve installed the extension and opened your Tiller spreadsheet, you can see your subscription totals in three quick steps (and your transactions don’t even need to be categorized):

  • Search “Recurring Expenses” in the Tiller Community Solutions extension
  • Click the link in the sidebar to launch recurring expenses
  • A new sheet will be generated with your recurring expenses organized from highest to lowest totals

A query tool allows you to drill down into payees at the per-transaction level.

That’s it! To learn more about this workflow, visit this thread in the Tiller Community.

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