Tiller 2023: A Preview of Our Year Ahead

This New Year's season feels different at Tiller. A heightened sense of optimism. A sharpened sense of focus. A growing team. An urgency to move quickly. A deep desire to do more for our customers - each of you. 

This New Year feels different at Tiller

A heightened sense of optimism. A sharpened sense of focus. A growing team. An urgency to move quickly given the opportunity we are seeing. A deep desire to do more for our customers – each of you. 

Last November the entire Tiller team met in Seattle for a week. Being together in one place to work, plan, have fun, and break bread was energizing for all of us. 

During this time we coalesced our 2023 plan. I’m eager to share a preview of what’s next.

Building on our success in 2022 to power 2023

2022 was gangbuster for Tiller. We started the year with a focus on Excel. This paid off exponentially when Microsoft partnered with Tiller in May, offering an exclusive Tiller promotion to their Microsoft 365 consumers. Wow! 

Microsoft has been an incredible partner, and with their help, we’ve transitioned from a Google Sheets company to a Google Sheets + Microsoft Excel company. Going forward, both platforms will receive equal attention from us, and we’re thrilled to open the door to every customer of the two largest spreadsheet platforms in the world. 

We are prioritizing rock-solid bank feeds

Our vision is simple: every customer should be able to reliably, easily, and persistently connect all of their banks to their spreadsheets with Tiller.

Most customers have that experience today. We’re proud Tiller was chosen for Yodlee’s first open banking deployment. Tiller supports robust connections with many thousands of banks. 

That said, some small banks aren’t fully supported while others, like USAA, are not working today and command our daily attention

We will invest in bank feeds in 2023 by doubling down on our integration with Yodlee, while also planning for additional aggregators to add redundancy to our coverage. 

We are re-envisioning our add-ons/add-ins and Foundation Template

The satisfaction our customers take with their Tiller spreadsheets is profound and inspiring.  We love sharing your success stories, and our internal Slack channels are full of inspiring feedback. 

We also know getting started with Tiller can require patience and effort. We want to lower those barriers so more customers quickly achieve success with their money goals

That means making it easier to get started with the Foundation Template, simpler workflows to accomplish the most common money goals, as well as updates to our Google Sheets add-on and Microsoft Excel add-in. 

This will make Tiller more accessible to people who are less spreadsheet savvy. It also means a faster journey to success for those who have less time to invest in their spreadsheets.

We are sharing more of our perspective on money


Tiller is a mission-driven team. We believe money matters because life matters more

When we feel in control of our finances, we can align our money with our values, profoundly improving our lives and our community. 

We also value our customer privacy, and we’ve taken a unique position since day one: humans at Tiller can’t see customer transactions and balances. 

To magnify the impact of our mission, we want to be more vocal with our point of view. This means finding more ways to guide customers to the best ways to use our Foundation Template. This isn’t about impairing flexibility, but it is about sharing clear, straightforward best practices. 

We also will talk more about how taking control of our money can have profound impacts on us individually but also on our communities. 

We believe every dollar is a vote, and we want to share the inspiration behind that thinking with our customers. 

Tiller is growing

We can’t do this without more help. We have an amazing team of fourteen located around the country. We’re currently hiring for engineering (do you know a senior dev who might be a good fit? Send them our way here!). We are growing our Customer Success team (more listings coming soon on our careers page, or reach out here if you’re interested.)

And we’re expanding marketing (if you love spreadsheets and money and have a passion for writing, video, and social, please reach out).

We’re in a unique position where our business model is thriving and we have incredible support from a coterie of seasoned technology investors. 

It’s all about you

For us, success is simple: helping you gain confidence and control of your money, improving your lives and in so doing improving the communities where you spend your dollars with intention. 

You are the reason we’re here. Each customer. Every story. Every win. Every step forward in your financial journey. And we’re impatient to make Tiller better for you, and for everyone who is like you who hasn’t yet tried Tiller.

Peter Polson

Peter Polson

Peter loves designing great products and creating tools and systems that help people live better lives. He was a founder and president of Junxion (acquired by Sierra Wireless) and later CEO at Dashwire (acquired by HTC). He enjoys most activities around mountains and water, especially skiing and hiking with his family.

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  1. Happy to hear Tiller addressing the issue with USAA as part of the preview! Hoping to see it resolved soon :slight_smile:

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