Tiller Community Awards and Recognitions

Tiller recognizes top community leaders and Show & Tell contributions for Q2 2024, awarding free subscriptions, gift cards, and cash prizes for popular financial tracking templates.

It’s April and we’ve already rolled into the second quarter of 2024.

As you might have read, we’re recognizing Tiller’s top-20 community leaders (based on the Leaderboard) and top Show & Tell contributions (based on your votes) quarterly in 2024.

So let’s get to it!

Community Leaders

We’re excited to welcome six new top-20 community leaders with a one-year free extension to their Tiller subscription, as well as membership in the Tiller Beta group. 

Give it up for @imthenachoman, @Ramona, @bradb3605, @cjsbabygirl313, @Blake, and @ctlee!

Further, fourteen top-20 leaders from the start of 2024 sustained their streaks, earning $50 gift cards. Well done @dmetiller, @Mark.S, @jpfieber, @rhowell, @cps, @richl, @Caroleen, @KyleT, @martha.rudkin, @1Email2RuleThemAll, @bentyre1, @ScottC, @yossiea, and @YouBet96!

Congratulations to our Q2 top-20 community leaders!

The leaderboard accrues on a rolling quarterly basis. Our Q3 awards will be announced in early July. Keep an eye on the Leaderboard for real-time standings.

Tiller Community Builders

In the first quarter, we are excited to recognize five popular Show & Tell contributions— the top four in the Sheets category as well as the top Excel contribution— based on your voting.

First Place

Spending and Income Dashboards for Mint Trends Lovers

The runaway favorite this quarter is the Spending and Income Dashboards for Mint Trends Lovers by @cps. The interest and engagement on this share is remarkable, and we’re awarding $1,000 to @cps.

Second Place


Next, congratulations to @mu3484343 for their simple yet popular Transaction-sheet hack to Show Count of Uncategorized transactions in A1. We are awarding $500 for second place.

Long-time contributor @yossiea built his Transaction Tracker which earned 20 votes and a $350 award.

Third Place

And our final $350 Sheets award goes to community all-star @jpfieber for his Institution Alerts Notification solution.

Our Q1 Excel award also goes to @jpfieber for his Transaction Comparison template.

Keep Sharing, Keep Voting

Keep those amazing Show & Tells coming everyone. And please keep smashing those vote buttons for shares you find inspiring and useful. Votes will continue to accrue for all of the Show & Tells which just missed this award cycle.

We hope the rich dialog in this community is inspiring you, helping you achieve your goals, and getting you closer to financial clarity.

Based on all of your contributions, everyone, 2024 is off to a great start!

Randy Hulett

Randy Hulett

Read Randy's blog posts below. You can also browse spreadsheet templates created by Randy, and see what he's been up to in the Tiller Money Community

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